Berlin With Friends

Tao Tao

Cafe Fleury

Start off the day with a wonderful spread of French delicacies at this charming cafe.

the barn

After breakfast, grab a cup of the best coffee in town. 5min walk from Cafe Fleury.


Stroll around Mauerpark.

Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap

Can't leave Berlin without having eaten kebab so why settle for less. The queue is extremely long at any time of the day but this is only expected for the world's best kebab. You need to take the subway to get here.

St. Oberholz

Mingle with the local creative digital hipster crowd and start the afternoon with a 2pm beer.

Hackescher Markt

Walk south from St. Oberholz at Rosenthaler Platz to this area. Shop till you drop. The entire area here is filled with boutique and less boutique shops.

Cocolo (Ramen)

Amazing atmosphere and - I kid you not - the best ramen you will find in Europe. Again, long queues but so worth it. You can walk here from the Hackescher Markt Area.

Mein Haus am See

Grab a few drinks at this hip (formerly hipster) bar filled with changing art and great lineup of resident DJs. 10m walk from Cocolo.

curry mitte

Grab a quick midnight snack of this typical Berlin dish just outside Haus am See.

Club der Visionäre

Amazing in the summer. Make a quick stop here before you head off to serious partying. If you're still hungry, try the delicious pizza.

Watergate Club

Don't stop until you catch the sunrise over the river Spree. On popular days, make a note of the DJ lineup so you won't have problems at the door. Don't wear shirts with collars!