A San Francisco Saturday In The Sunset (And Richmond)
Sarah Mitroff

Devil's Teeth Baking Company
It's hard to go wrong at this cute bakery tucked away in the Sunset, just four blocks from the Pacific Ocean. Head there in the morning for the bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich on a biscuit, the banana and berry muffin (sometimes it's blueberry, sometimes it's blackberry), the banana cream puff with a hint of chocolate, or grab at least three $1 beignets on Sundays - they're fresh from the fryer and covered in powdered sugar. If you're hankering for more sweets, there's always a just-sweet-enough blondie or a thick and delicious slice of carrot cake. Head outside to one of San Francisco's many parklets to get your nosh on or take your goodies to the beach.
Ocean Beach @ Noriega
After breakfast, make you way down to the water and walk North towards the Cliff House. From Noriega, it's only a leisurely 20 minute walk. You can either walk along the surf, hike through the small dunes, or take the paved path along the Great Highway. If the tide is out, you can walk around the cliff below the historic Cliff House and get close to the Sutro Bath ruins.
Land's End Trail
This is a trail for everyone, no hiking experience necessary. As wind your way from the Sutro Baths around the edge of San Francisco, you'll get stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, the channel that leads into the Bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge. On a clear day you can see straight to Marin, plus the entire bridge. When the fog rolls in, you'll get to hear the fog horns and watch the span between San Francisco and Marin County fill with the cool mist us locals know so well. If you want to amp up the intensity, try hiking down the cliffs (there are stairs) to the water, or hiking up to the rock labyrinth.
Burma Superstar
The line outside this place is there for a reason. Trust me, it's worth the wait for some of the best burmese food in the city. Favorites include the Rainbow Salad and the Spicy and Crispy Chicken.
Genki Crepes
Half Japanese grocery, half crepe stand, this cute store is a gold mine for Japanese candies, snacks, drinks, and other groceries. In the front of the shop you can order one of at least 30 crepes, both sweet and savory. Combos include cheesecake and blueberry sauce, banana and peanut butter, and Nutella and any fruit you want. If the menu inspires you to create your own combo, go for it, they're cool with that.
Trad'r Sam's
Ready to party a bit hard? Trad'r Sam's is the best combo of dive bar and tiki bar. Once you get past the bouncer, you'll get drinks sweet enough you can't taste their strength, just tacky enough tiki decor, and an always lively atmosphere. Grab a few friends, order a Scorpion Bowl (or four), and surrender to the fun.