Bacchanalian Day In San Francisco



Want to know where the best brunch is in San Francisco? It's right here folks. Everything is incredible, but there are quite of few inconspicuous items on the menu that punch well above their weight. Bagel with house smoked trout and fresh farmers cheese. Scone with Meyer lemon cream. And Nopa has some of the best brunch-worthy cocktails available. Reservations required.

Land's End

You don't have to leave San Francisco to get a taste of the outdoor splendor the Bay Area has to offer. Land's End is one of the best urban walks/hikes that I've experienced. There's a couple of rocky beaches along the way, great views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and finally the ruins of the Sutro Baths giving you a glimpse back in time to some Victorian-era extravagance.


Craig Stoll's Delfina has, for a long time, been my favorite restaurant in San Francisco. That's until he opened Locanda. Not really sure what "sweetbreads" are? This is the place to try them. Never really tried Amaro? Have an entire flight after dinner and you'll be hooked. The best culinary adventure starts here.

Bourbon & Branch

Pre-repeal era cocktail culture is booming. And though this place owes a lot to Milk & Honey in NYC, it's become the flagship of cocktail craft in San Francisco. With a binder-size list of options, there's something for everyone. Try a classic like the Chicago Fizz, or have a Mezcal inspired creation that gives you a taste of what modern mixology has to offer ...

I would stay at: Union Square

Union Square is one of the best places to setup base camp while visiting San Francisco.