Summer In Salt Lake City

Claire Conrad

Eva's Bakery

This charming French bakery is delicious, and the top items disappear immediately! Pick up a chocolate croissant for your afternoon snack

CorePower Yoga Highland Square

Jumpstart your day with a hot yoga class at CorePower. Their classes are the perfect combination of stretching, strength building, and flowing movement. You'll feel amazing afterwards.

Downtown Salt Lake City Farmer's Market

Incredible farmer's market with a range of fresh produce, beautiful crafts, delicious prepared food and live music. I like to start with an acai smoothie (a bike provides all power!) and end with a luxurious stop at the massage chairs.

Summer In Salt Lake City

Brighton Ski Resort

In the summer, there's a great 4 mile hike to three beautiful alpine lakes (Mary, Martha, and Catherine) above Brighton Ski Resort, at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. A well-marked trail leads to them, running through wildflower-filled meadows and lush forest, under craggy mountain peaks. It's very scenic and not at all crowded.

Salt Lake City public library

This is one of the most beautiful libraries I've ever seen. The architecture is stunning - it's a huge glass building with glass elevators to transport you between floors. The natural light floods the whole space, which is expansive and clean, with plenty of space to work and read. My favorite part is the bee hives! They live outside but are up against a window, so you can watch them in action. They're maintained by a local Boy Scout troop and sometimes the library offers "hive-side chats" with updates and interesting information about bees.

Les Madeleines

Famous for their Kouing Aman pastries, this French bakery is worth a visit. They will keep for a day or two, so pick up a 4-pack (they're so coveted that you aren't allowed to purchase more than 4 at once) and enjoy!


An incredible multi-course dining "experience" - not to be missed!

Bar X

Bar X is a fun, young scene with outdoor seating and a menu of trendy and delicious cocktails. Their Moscow Mule is served in a cute copper cup, and I was very impressed with their versions of my personal favorite drinks: a bee's knees and a vodka gimlet.

Bruges Waffles & Frites

This hole-in-the-wall Belgian waffle house is Salt Lake City's best kept secret. Made with pearl sugar from Belgium, these waffles are truly to die for. The crème fraîche is made in-house (I like to pair it with mixed berries), and the Speculoos (also from Belgium) is the best I've ever had. Choose your toppings wisely, but know that you really can't go wrong!