Marche des Capucins
Start you rmorning here, or finish your night.... you can find everything delicious here - cheese, bread, fruit, fish, wine, - buy stuff for breakfast or eat at one of the many yummy restos inside the market - but they close at noon - so get there early!
ride bikes along the quais
Bordeaux is beautiful, and a bike is a great way to see it! You can rent bikes for 1 euro an hour - so great. RIde up and down the quais or through the tiny cobblestone streets (but prepare for bumps!). Stop at any of the many cafes, bars or restaurants for refreshment.
Apéritif is an essentail - and quintessential - part of the French day. And rightly so. A lovely glass of Bordeaux with saucisson, foie gras or cornichons is a lovely way to get the night going.
Allez les Filles
Allez les Filles organize some of the best dance parties and concerts in Bordeaux, many of them free. Concerts along the quais, or on weekends - after hours in their club - 60's soul music and lots of dancing. Get ready to sweat! And when you are done here - start all over again at Marche des Capucins....