My Perfect Caribbean Day Playa Del Carmen.
Carla Toledo

Social media Manager Wedding websites creator, Foodie

La Cueva del Chango
The greatest place to have a nice breakfast before you go to the beach. They have yummy juices, best cofee in playa and if you wanna get a little bit tipsy you can order a Mimosa
Mamitas Beach Club
This beach club is walking distance from La Cueva del Chango so maybe you wan´t to have a nice stroll and check the place out.
Canibal Royal
Have a nice sunbath at the best Beach Club in Playa. A lot of top models have been photoshoot in this place. You feel the fashion hippie vibe as soon as you arrive. Just chill down drink a cocktail put your suntan lotion and enjoy! The best food ever, strong drinks :) nice looking people, the music rocks. Just relax.
5ª Avenida
You want to go shopping, have a nice pedicure in a fish pond, have some ice cream and maybe make a stop for a refreshing beverage meanwhile you watch people from all around the world walk as in a parade with their swimsuits?? This is THE PLACE to be. :)
Go home maybe have a little nap or mexican siesta :) then a nice shower, change my bikini for a nice dress a little make up and lot´s of attitude. Ps. keep your sandals :) Ps. 2 lots of makeup it´s a NO NO in this weather if you are not used to it you will sweat to death. Don´t worry if you are tanned you will have natural pink cheeks.
Fusion Beach Hotel Bar & Grill
You wan´t to feel the magic of the the Caribbean night? This is the perfect spot. Reggae music, Salsa, Jazz, fire show all happens on the beach. Nachos with meat are a good option if you want to eat well so you can party like a rockstar. Remember if it´s the first time you try chile be careful because it can make you go to the restroom the entire night. Boo!! I recommend to have a beer and sit outside on the beach you will have a nice view of the sunset or the beach at night. :)
Coco bongo is definitely the best night club EVER!! They have shows every night. 4 example Michael Jackson, Elvis, Moulin Rouge, lot´s of dancing and Open bar. You will have a blast this place is like night clubs heaven in matters of partying hard. :)
I would stay at: Grand Velas Riviera Maya
If money isn´t a issue I totally recommend you Gran Velas. Luxury, comfort, great service, beauty everywhere.