Fiona's Perfect Day In Chengdu
Fiona He

After getting up and taking some fresh air in the morning. I usually ride my bicycle to Longchaoshou to have my breakfast.There are really multiple choices for you .But I usually order some traditional snacks and a bowl of Chaoshou-a kind of wheaten food .
Fiona's Perfect Day In Chengdu
Annvita tea house
Instead if going to some famous sightseings .I prefer to stay in Annvita tea house with some bosom friends. There we can have some English afternoon tea and some tasty desserts. We also talk about some interesting topics and sometimes go outside to enjoy the rare sunshine in this gloomy city.
When it comes to dinner ,hotpot will always be my best choice.There are a lot of Spicy Bampas in Chengdu. But I like Hotspace best.Because it has the best tasted dishes and also considerate service.
Jiuyan Bridge
At night I usually go to Jiuyan Bridge with some of my friends. There we can enjoy some beautiful night scenery and also have some barbecus.There is also a bar street .If you want listen to some beautiful songs and enjoy the atmosphere ,you can have a try.But the public order is not good around that area.So it's better to pay attention to your own safety.