The Pup
Topnotch Resort

Being a remarkable boutique hotel, Fun & Adventurous

Breakfast @ Flannel
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day… Wait, who am I kidding, I’m a dog and every meal is important! My owners spoiled me with my favorite kibble in our room and I got to keep them company at Flannel for breakfast. Tip: "My favorite part about dining at Flannel is the fresh air patio and sometimes if I’m lucky, I get a piece of bacon!”
My Favorite Walk in Stowe
After breakfast I really enjoy a walk on the five mile long recreation path. The path starts at Topnotch and goes all the way into town! The best part about the quiet path is the river! I love swimming! Tip: "Along the way, if I’m good my owner takes me to the Dog and Cat to pick out a new toy.”
Lunch time...for my family.
For lunch I really enjoy Crop Bistro. Since us dogs don’t get lunch at least it is right off the quiet path so we get to take in the beauty and people usually give us treats. Tip: "Lots of owners bring their pets so this is a great place to make new friends and get some time away from those pesky humans."
Fetch in the Topnotch Meadow
After lunch my owner and I play fetch at the Topnotch meadows. Sometimes, if I’m lucky there will be another dog to play ‘keep away’ with. Tip: "Keep away’ is one of my favorite games but I’m pretty sure my owner hates it!”
Concierge=Dog's Best Friend
On the way back to the room we passed the Concierge desk and the concierge gave me a treat and told my owner how good I am…I love this place! Tip: "Concierge=Dog’s Best Friend”
Doggie Massage Time
When we got back to the room my owner spoiled me with a doggie massage from the Spa. The therapist came to the room with an extremely comfortable bed for the massage and I almost fell asleep it was so good!" Tip: "I thought my brothers and sisters were good at petting me, these guys are way better!”
Dinner Time
Even though my owners fed me dinner in bed in the room, we went to Gracie’s to dine on the patio. Gracie’s is a restaurant named after a dog and they have dog decorations everywhere! Tip: "Gracie loves dogs!”
Family Time
After dinner we relaxed next to the firepit outside of Flannel. The crisp mountain air and warm fire felt so good after a long day! Those s'mores looked so good but chocolate is my cryptonite.
I would stay at: Topnotch Resort & Spa
A good night’s rest is important because tomorrow we are hiking Mount Mansfield! Vermont’s highest peak! No better place to stay than Topnotch! Sprawling across several acres with nature trails, a 30,000 sq ft spa, two restaurants, outdoor pools and so much more--Topnotch is an easy decision for the true Vermont experience. Whether you're traveling as a couple or with the whole family this place is fantastic. Tip: "Upgrade to one of their suites to live in luxury!"