Tikal Exploration: 4D VR Adventure
37 Ratings
Las Vegas

Embark on a perilous quest to halt the ancient curse, unravel hidden mysteries, and save humanity from the malevolent clutches of the Mayan underworld

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  • Immerse yourself in the rich and mysterious Mayan civilization as you unravel their ancient secrets, giving you a unique taste of historical adventure
  • Experience high-stakes thrill and excitement as you race against time to prevent a foreboding evil from arising with the blood moon
  • Explore stunningly detailed environments, from ancient temples to dense jungles, bringing the mystic Mayan world to life in your very hands
3215 S Rancho Drive, Suite 240, Las Vegas, NV 89102
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You’ll receive a 100% refund if you cancel 48 hours before, but no refund for cancellations within 48 hours. Rescheduling is free up to 24 hours before, and for changes within 24 hours, please get in touch with the operator.

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