Self-Paced Rocky Tour Experience in Philadelphia
7 Ratings

Imagine pressing a button and being whisked away on an adventure where you’re navigated to the stories & secrets, accompanied by the official soundtrack!

Duration: 2 hours
No refunds for canceled bookings
  • Discover Rocky’s Philadelphia at your own pace and at your own leisure, letting the self-directed App guide you through one of the most iconic stories of our time.
  • Going the Distance will be a breeze, on this companion-app-navigated, self-drive tour experience, which will bring the city of brotherly love to life in a whole new way, as you bob and weave between the locations that paved the landscape for Rocky’s million-to-one-shot and his rise to finding love and becoming the champ.
  • You’ll explore the filming locations, discover behind-the-scenes stories and mini featurettes, production stills, and much more, all set to the iconic original soundtrack.
  • Spend as much or as little time as you want at each location and only engage in the content that you want to. - This is your Experience at your speed, meaning if you want to take breaks or come back to finish it another day, that’s fine! The app will resume the experience where you left off!
  • Journey solo or with friends in your own vehicle, so there’s no complications with schedules, tour times, or being trapped in herds of tourists.
  • Start, Stop and resume whenever you want to, even if it’s on a different day!
What's Included
  • Tour App
Additional Information
  • Headphones are recommended, especially with more than one active device
  • Guests must stay together, otherwise the tour App won’t work
  • Apple App store only
  • You must be in Philadelphia to take part
  • Drivers will only see the navigation view while driving, but can watch all content upon arrival at the location
  • You are responsible for your own, and for following, all health and safety requirements at each location
(7 Ratings)
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Dec 17, 2021
SO GOOD! I've only ever done one self drive tour before so I had pretty low expectations TBH. Well, now I have really high expectations for whatever comes next, because it was awesome. Easy to follow, tons of content and my favorite part was getting to choose what i wanted to get involved with. Also found a really cool little bakery not far from Adrians restaurant, which i'd never have known about if i hadn't done this.
Review provided by Peek Pro
Dec 8, 2021
SO fun! I loved the original movie music, it made it the whole experience feel authentic and like we were on a journey. I also really enjoyed how you could choose what you engaged in at the locations and how the app automatically played certain content and instructions of what to do as you approached places. Such an ingenious idea. Can't wait for more!
Review provided by Peek Pro
Jan 17, 2023
The app seemed glitchy at times and/or the mobile data was not enough for the tour to run smoothly. Would suggest having end user download all your content within the app before starting the tour.
Review provided by Peek Pro