Uyuni Salt Flat 1 Day Tour +Sunset in the Salt Water Region with Mirror Effect
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Get to know Uyuni salt flats and the color lagoons in a Toyota land cruiser 4x4WD vehicle, with a highly recommended reliable company, at the service of our national and international clients from all over the world, with 36 years of experience, customer service awarded with the \

Duration: 9 hours
Cancellation: 1 day learn more
  • Salar de Uyuni - From Andes Salt Expeditions office, the tour departs at 09:30 am. In a Toyota Land Cruiser 4 × 4 WD. We will visit the:
    • TRAIN CEMETERY, where you can see the remains of steam locomotives from the 19th and early 20th centuries and which is a good place to take artistic photographs.
    • Arrival in COLCHANI, it is located next to the Uyuni Salt Flat, here you will know the mining mills Cooperativa Rosario.
    • Inside Uyuni salt flat where you see, the square of the flags of the world, monument to DAKAR, visit to the eyes of salt, the ex- salt hotel Playa Blanca .
    • Perspective PHOTOGRAPHY,VIDEOS,time.
    • Then visit the INCAWASI ISLAND or island of the giant cacti, populated with beached vizcachas (Andean rodents), is an oasis with a unique and isolated ecosystem that is populated by cacti up to 7 meter. It is the best place for photography enthusiasts,
    • End of the afternoon you will have the SUNSET.
    • End of the tour at 7:30 p.m. AT THE AIRPORT, bus station, your hotel in Uyuni.
What's Included
  • Enjoy a selection of delicious snacks
What's Not Included
  • Use of SCUBA equipment
Andes Salt Expeditions Tour Operator
Avenida Ferroviaria
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For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

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(267 Ratings)
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Jun 22, 2024
The best trip we ever had - We enjoyed our tour with Fernando, he was so helpful explaining all informations about the Salar de Uyuni, also bringing fun to the group! We also got the best pictures and videos ever.
Review provided by Viator
Jun 15, 2024
Incredible - The guides were amazing and friendly! The tour itself was fun. The guides went out of their way to take cool photos and to make us feel welcomed. The sunset was the best I’ve seen in my life. Bring an extra layer of socks!
Review provided by Viator
Jun 13, 2024
An unforgettable experience of Salt Flats, Uyuni - Thanks a lot for a wonderful tour of Salt Flats! We had an amazing experience, clearly best day of our trip to Bolivia and Peru. This was largely due to Mauricio, our exceptional tour guide and Jesus Fernando, driver! Mauricio is passionate and full of knowledge about this region’s geography, history, flora and fauna! He took some incredible photos and we have a lifetime memories of a fabulous, surreal day!
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Jun 10, 2024
Must do! - Brayan was an amazing host. Very professional, very knowledgeable and made a bucket list item really enjoyable and thrilling. An awesome experience and a brilliant day out.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Jun 8, 2024
Beauty in the Heights - A piece of heaven on earth... You can't miss the opportunity to see it... The landscapes and sunset are unique... Bring a coat and dark glasses...
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Jun 5, 2024
Awesome Experience at the Salt Flats - We had such a good time on this day trip! Bryan made sure we got all the cool photos that we needed and always gave us a good introduction to each of the places we went before letting us go do our own thing. There was also lots of food for lunch and snacks for all of us. Overall we had an amazing day!
Review provided by Viator
Jun 4, 2024
Great tour company & guide - Great tour company. Pick up from airport and drop off at hotel was seemless. Very well organised. Bryan was a fantastic guide - made an awesome mirror video for us + plenty of other cool photos. Really knowledgeable/ cool guy. Highly Recommend.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Jun 3, 2024
Unmatched experience - An indescribable experience, incredible landscapes. We took a private tour, Oscar was the best!!! It offers a great experience, very detailed, excellent photographs and videos, the best disposition to offer us all the best!!!
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Jun 2, 2024
Review of salt flat experience - We went with OSCAR and Brian who were amazing Loved the way they organised the tour and went the extra mile shooting nice pictures with the dinos and other creative ideas . Loved it Thanks both for the great experience. Brian is English speaker and Oscar Spanish speaker. Highly recommend
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Jun 18, 2024
A day spent waiting for the tour guide and driver to show back up to the tour and Lack of toilet opportunities - I've been meaning to write this review for a few weeks. I've read through the reviews and a lot of the higher rated reviews still have the same complaints that I had with this place. I did several tours in Bolivia and this was the worst, just as far as my experience with the company. You are going to be blown away by the scenery regardless. As others have mentioned, its chaotic at their office in Uyuni, but the office staff seemed helpful and friendly. There are no toilet facilities on premises, but they will point you down the road a couple of blocks to a hotel with paid facilities available there. They told us to go get breakfast nearby and to be back by a certain time. I wasn't feeling great so I skipped going for food. I came back to the office by the appointed time and there we waited for at least 1/2 hour or more (this will be a theme throughout the day) , with nobody seeming to know what was going on and what we were to expect. Speaking of not knowing what to expect, the website talks about needing to arrive with everything you'll need for the day, but you will stop at places with water and food available. We had a driver and a guide. Both of whom spent the day chatting with each other as if we didn't exist in the back of the Toyota. There wasn't much effort to interact with us other than to give us some scripted information. Every stop of the day was notable for the disappearance of the driver and guide. Predictably, they stop at a shopping market for way too long. They pull into the back of the market under the guise of showing you how they put salt into plastic bags, but the main point is to release you into the market to shop for an hour. We were bored out of our minds (and by "we" I mean everyone on the tour in our vehicle) and tried to find some shade near the vehicle and waited and waited and waited for the driver and guide to show back up. Every stop of the day involved us standing around the vehicle wondering when the driver and guide might show back up. When we stopped for lunch, they set everything up and the guide had lunch with us. My intestines were feeling fragile so I didn't eat, so I can't speak to the food, but I don't recall any complaints. It seemed to be some sort of beef patties, salads, and some sort of egg fritters for vegetarians, along with a 2L bottle of Coca Cola. It was probably the only real friendly interaction the guide had with us because he was with us at the table, and he was pleasant enough. Its too bad it was for such a short time. Mainly because the driver sat in the Toyota while we had lunch and didn't join us. But don't think it was because he was taking his lunch break there. After our lunch, the driver decided to have his lunch with his friend the tour guide at the table we had just had lunch at, while we stood around and waited and waited and waited for him to finish his lunch We'd already walked all around the area while they were setting up for lunch, but now, since he wanted a private lunch, we had to wait for the driver to have his private lunch and then waited while they packed everything up. I would say we waited an hour standing in the water from the time we finished our lunch. I'm not saying the driver didn't deserve to have lunch, but he chose not to have lunch with us. We hadn't had a restroom stop since much earlier in the morning. Some of the participants were saying they needed to use a toilet. They were told to wait. They wanted to show us some things. And then it was an hour drive to a place with toilets. So it took maybe 2+ hours from when they were first told participants needed to use the toilet. This is definitely not for the weak of bladder or intestines. If you were at bursting point when we arrived at the place with toilets, you were out of luck. Because after you paid to use it, there were enormous queues for the toilets. Because of my queasy situation, I was sick in the toilets and was told off by the tour guide saying I was rude to have done that when other people were trying to use the restroom. In front of everyone. WTF? There are solutions to the toilet situation in this day and age. The rest of the day involved being dropped off at more places and waiting for the driver and guide to show back up. The other thing that struck me was the issue of safety, and I mention it because they brought up the issue which left me wondering how, if they know of safety issues, why they appeared to take no precautions for them. Towards the end of the tour on our long, cold ride back to Uyuni, the guide decided to discuss why we were lucky to have gone with them because, according to him, going out on the salt flats is quite dangerous. They need to know where the safest parts to drive on are. That other vehicles have fallen through the salt and become permanently stuck. That people trying to walk to safety after a breakdown (because there is no cell phone service out there) have been struck by other vehicles on the flats. That there have been collisions between vehicles. His implication was that it was a good thing we were travelling with them because other operators have had bad outcomes out there. But he didn't mention, and there didn't appear to be, any mitigations the company took for these things. So he seemed to only be saying that they were luckier than others. There were no 2 way radios. No GPS locators. no flares, no safety lighting. Or anything else that would help mitigate all the hazards he was telling us about. After that "sales pitch" for safety on the way back, it only sounded like they were luckier, not better, than others.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
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