San Jose Haunted House Tour: Explore Spine-Chilling Haunted Houses with Our Exclusive App
San Jose
Embark on a spine-chilling adventure through San Jose's haunted houses with our exclusive app. Pause, skip, and explore at your own pace. Are you brave enough to join us?
Duration: 3 hours
Cancellation: 1 day learn more
  • Winchester Mystery House - Welcome to the most spine-chilling attraction in San Jose, the Unhinged Haunted House at the prestigious Winchester Mystery House! Get ready to be scared out of your wits and enjoy a night of absolute terror. Don’t worry, I’ll be your fearless guide through this twisted world of hauntings and mysteries! Now, let me share some background about this hair-raising location. The Winchester Mystery House was once the personal mansion of Sarah Winchester, the widow of firearms magnate William Wirt Winchester.
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Embark on a nerve-rattling adventure with our Bay Area Haunted House Pass Tour! Prepare yourself for our thrilling excursion through the most spine-tingling haunted houses in the Bay Area. Feel your heart pounding as you traverse dark abandoned mansions, where spectral murmurs reverberate through the airways. Challenge your bravery as you confront horrifying specters hidden in every nook and cranny. From skin-crawling horror to pulse-racing excitement, this tour pledges a thrill-seeking journey unmatched by any other. We dare you to join and discover the eerie side of the Bay Area – if you dare!

Have no concerns about other participants, the tour is entirely customizable to your preference using our tour App!

Utilizing our app, you have the ability to pause the tour, and explore the locations at your own pace! You can opt to bypass a stop you don’t prefer, and you have all the necessary details about each stop readily available.

  • Customers can stay as long as they want at each haunted house.
Winchester Mystery House
South Winchester Boulevard
Please head to the entrance of the Winchester Mystery House
Cancellation Policy

For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

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up to 15 guests
July 2024