12 free improvements you can make to your Peek Pro account

We’ve asked some of our most experienced team members at Peek to share with us their favorite tips on how to optimize your Peek Pro account.

We’re going to help you reach new peaks with your company – 12 steps – 12 days.

Follow one of our easy suggestions each day, and you’re sure to see a dramatic impact on your business this year (as well as the ones to come!)




Your 12-day plan to start the year off with a BANG

Get set.. go!









DAY 1: Customize your Abandoned Booking emails






If you ask any Peekster their favorite Peek Pro feature, 9 times out of 10 they bring up Abandoned Booking emails.

There are many reasons a customer gets distracted while booking an activity, leading to the dreaded Abandoned Booking. By sending customers a little reminder of the experience they’ve left behind, you can bump your sales in a big way! Our Peek Partners saw an average revenue increase of 10.2% when they started using abandoned booking emails.

Follow this guide to get your abandoned booking emails set up today.


Brenda Medina, Software Implementation Specialist:

“Peek’s abandoned booking email is completely customizable so you can draw back potential customers effectively.”

The ability to customize is your best friend in this step. In fact, the advice from Peeksters working with our most successful partners is to customize wherever possible!

By making sure these emails have a personal touch, they will read, look, and feel just like your company. This way, from the first detail to the last, you make a memorable brand impression.


Let’s take a peek at four easy ways you can do this:

Tip #1: Add a testimonial – show your customer what your experiences are about.
Tip #2: Add photos – people are way more likely to book if they trust your company and have as much information as possible, photos help them put the picture together.
Tip #3: Abandon booking (resume purchase) button – help your guests out by sending them the link to their exact booking flow.
Tip #4: Promo code – Everyone loves a deal! Promo codes give customers the nudge they need to go back and book that activity.


“Promo codes are a big one I’ve seen that bring back customers.”

Here are some clever examples that hit the major points!

  • They sound like real people, not just automated emails
  • Have chosen photos that show past guests enjoying the experience
  • Include a ‘re-book’ button or promo code















For more tips on how to customize your emails, click here.










DAY 2: Clarify your offering



Sara Wilson, Onboarding Manager:

“As you add and change products, remember that what is obvious to you may not be obvious to your customer.”

Sometimes the names we give to our products don’t quite tell the customer all they need to know.

Customers like to be absolutely certain of what they are getting themselves into before they get out their credit card.

Make sure your product descriptions, ticket names, photos and ticket headers paint a crystal clear picture of your experiences.


Sara has provided some specific suggestions:

Suggestion #1: Adding ‘the guide is included’ for a tour.
Suggestion #2: Changing ticket header from “Select Tickets” to “Select Rental Options” for a bike or boat rental company.
Suggestion #3: Updating the min & max number of tickets to 1, for private Charters where only 1 ticket per booking is necessary.

For more hints on how to best use your widget configurations, check out this helpdesk article.


TOP TIP: Reduce required questions!

When your customers go through your booking flow you have the choice to ask questions before or after a purchase is made.

Decreasing the amount of required questions before payment is directly correlated to conversions! Each required question decreases conversions by 3%.

Make as many questions optional, as possible!











DAY 3: Increase last minute bookings with Smart Cutoffs & Availability Rules



Normally it makes sense to disable online bookings on your website a few hours before your tour begins, to give you and your team enough time to prepare for the activity.

However, if your minimum number of seats are already booked, you’re going to run the tour anyway – so why not leave the booking open till the last minute?

Your last seats are the most profitable as you’ve already met your fixed costs for the tour. Extend your online booking cutoff and accept as many guests as possible!


Matthew Osterhaus, Product Manager:

“We’ve already seen a 5% increase in online bookings for partners using this feature!”

This intuitive Peek Pro feature asks you for the minimum amount of guests needed to run a tour, and will keep online bookings open if this number is reached.



Enable Smart Cutoffs today on any activity!




Run more profitable tours with Peek’s Availability Rules


Funnel bookings into preferred times with Peek’s innovative Availability Rules so you can run more tours that meet and exceed your cost minimums.

Customers will see availability for tours that dynamically changes depending on the bookings that have already been made.

This encourages them to book at the same time as other guests which maximizes your resources.

As tours fill up, new time slots will be unlocked.


This can be easily enabled in the configuration settings in your Peek Pro account – checkout this helpful guide and get it set up today!












DAY 4: Offer your customers more with Bundles & Add-ons



Bundles allow your customers to book and pay for multiple tours or activities all at once.

Bianca Garcia, Training Manager:

“Bundles are a resourceful way to increase your customer’s cart size – get them doing more than 1 tour and improve their experience.”

Our partners have seen a 20-25% increase in average order sizes using this feature!

There are three main ways bundles can optimize your customers’ booking flows:

Case #1: Create an optional upsell to make sure customers can book multiple experiences in one booking flow.
Case #2: Create a combo tour, offering customers a discount if they book more than one experience.
Case #3: Sell required tour packages, for example if your customer books a food tour you can set an ‘Empanada tasting session’ as a requisite of the tour.

You can enable it right now in the product section of your PeekPro account; for more detailed instructions follow this guide.

Our Success Specialists feel so strongly about the advantages of Bundles they presented a whole webinar on them! Check it out here.



Upsell your experiences with Add-ons


Peek Pro allows you to add all the extras you offer during your activities to the booking flow.
This means customers can book the extra wetsuit they need or make sure they’ll have a GoPro, at the point of booking.

Make use of Add-ons to upsell your experiences.


Amelia Hollis, Marketing Strategist:

“There are so many ways you can get creative with your Add-ons and they’re a great way to upsell your experiences!”


TOP TIP: Our data shows that the average value per booking surges around public holidays. Customers are looking to spend more on their experiences when they are celebrating. So whether it’s the 4th of July or New Years Eve make sure you have your add-ons set up and featuring in your customer emails.


Specific suggestions:

Example #1: Offer some champagne for guests to toast in the New Year.
Example #2: Hire in a live band to play on your boat before the 4th of July Fireworks.
Example #3: Include the use of a GoPro for your passengers to capture the excitement of their family adventure.











DAY 5: Make money from cancellations!



Cancellation policies are often tricky waters to navigate.

When guests cancel a tour you end up with empty seats and lost revenue. But when you enforce a cancellation policy, you worry about being the bad guy and damaging your reputation.

Cancellation insurance is the answer to your troubles! It negates the lost revenue and automatically provides a reasonable consequence for canceling a booking. Plus, when the customer doesn’t cancel it just makes you money!

Customers who go on to cancel will buy it to protect themselves and everyone else is still likely to buy it because customers are risk averse. We recommend setting up cancellation policies that are simple to understand and establishing a clear time frame for cancellation. Check out some more helpful tips and learn how to set up cancellation policies here.










DAY 6: Add a ‘Book Now’ button to your homepage



Once you generate traffic to your website, it’s critical that it’s prepped and primed for bookings.

The best way to do this? Add a clear and visible ‘Book Now’ button to your homepage.

This little button can lead to big sales! Adding this feature is one of the easiest and most effective ways to drive bookings.


Andy Bourne, Onboarding Project Manager:

“Providing a clear, obvious and easily accessible call to action has been proven to increase conversions and provide an efficient booking experience for your customers.”


Try adding it to your homepage today to turn lookers into bookers!

Where and how often this button appears on your website – along with size, color, words and font – is important for driving traffic through to the checkout process.


TOP TIPS for improving your book now button:

Tip #1: Put the price of your tour or activity near the ‘Book Now’ button
Tip #2: Place the button “above the fold”*
Tip #3: Use a bold, clear Call-To-Action phrase; Book Now, My Seat, Build Your Trip!
Tip #4: Make the button stand out by using contrasting colors
Tip #5: Don’t forget to check how the buttons look on the mobile version of your website

*It’s imperative that visitors to your website don’t have to scroll down the page to see the ‘Book Now’ button. The term “above the fold” has been coined to reference the section of your webpage that the customer will see at first glance. Make sure we see it straight away.











DAY 7: Pass credit card processing fees onto customers



While you are sure to celebrate increased bookings, there is one by-product that is certainly not as pleasant — greater credit card processing fees. These costs may seem small on individual transactions, but they can add up quickly.

When you consider that the weighted average processing fees for Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards ranged from 1.3% to 3.5% in 2021, it’s easy to see how this extra fee would create a sizable increase in company costs.


Thanks to Peek Pro’s Taxes & Fees configuration, you have the power to choose whether to absorb this expense or pass it on to the customer.


If you would like to absorb the processing fee, make sure Partner Pays is highlighted in blue underneath the Processing Fees heading.

If you would like the customer to pay the credit card processing fee, click on Customer Pays to highlight in blue.



For more info on how to configure taxes & fees, have a look at this helpdesk article.











DAY 8: Promote and personalize your gift cards




Now that people are gifting experiences over physical presents more and more, your tour or activity is the perfect gift!

Make the most of this trend and sell gift cards directly through your website with Peek.

On Average 70% of Gift Cards don’t even end up getting redeemed! This means free money without you having to even lift a finger.

They also increase your cart sizes – customers typically spend more on a purchase when using gift cards.

Check out this article to learn more about setting up gift cards to boost revenue throughout the year




Step #1: If you haven’t already, use this guide to set up cash & activity gift cards on your website.

Step #2: Be sure to advertise your gift cards on your website and in your marketing emails!

Step #3: Customize your gift card booking flow, widget and emails.


Taylor Morgan, Customer Success Associate:

“I recently helped a partner customize their gift card emails, booking flow and widget. He was overjoyed that Peek would handle every aspect of gift cards for him and super excited to get them going!

Offering gift cards opens up a whole new audience for you to sell to! Show-off your amazing products to these new customers by customizing your gift card emails with photos and testimonials.”














DAY 9: Target your marketing with Google Analytics



Optimize your Google Analytics account by enabling enhanced ecommerce.

Matthew Osterhaus, Product Manager:

“Enhanced ecommerce is a powerful extension of google analytics that gives you a more granular insight into how your customers are moving throughout the Peek booking flow on your website.”

This powerful tool uses new action and product data to answer questions about how your customers behave.



Matt’s TOP TIPS for using enhanced ecommerce:


1. Create segments that break down why customers are booking your activities.

Example #1: Are people more likely to book if they are spending less money?

  • You can create specific reports that show you, out of all the people that visit your website, who books your experiences.
  • Add a segment that tracks conversions for a particular time period, then filter for cart size.
  • You’ll be able to see how behavior changes for customers when they spend more or less.


2. Use these specific segments to create targeted audiences you can send to Google ads.

Example #2: Turn the data produced into a targeting audience for Google ads.

  • Google analytics can produce a list of people that visited your website but didn’t book an activity.
  • Download these contacts to create a targeted mailing list – these are really high value customers, as they have shown they are interested in your experiences.
  • Now send this list to Google ads.


Now we have an improved integration, this data will feed right into your Peek Pro account!

This in-depth helpdesk article walks you through exactly how to set up enhanced ecommerce and how best to use it.













DAY 10: Take advantage of pricing customizations in Peek Pro!




Advanced Pricing rules give you the flexibility to automatically adjust ticket prices to drive customer behavior and maximize profits at any time of the year.


In Peek Pro you can easily set clever rules that change your prices depending on demand, such as a price increase for busier times of the year.


Drew Chowhan, SIS Trainer / Quality Assurance:

Drew’s favorite Advanced Pricing rules


Rule #1:“Combo of day of the week and time of day”

  • If you are attracting less customers on Tuesday mornings, offer a discounted price for these time slots.


Rule #2:“Minimum guest rule (cost goes up or down based on how many people have booked)”

  • If you need to fill 3 seats to cover your overhead costs, make the 4th, 5th and 6th seat cheaper. This will incentivize guests to book onto a tour that you’re running anyway, which maximizes profit.


Rule #3:“Date range rules are great to up the price based around holiday seasons”

  • Boat tour sales surge around the 4th of July, so increase your prices for the first week of July.

This step-by-step guide walks you through all the ways you can optimize prices for your activities in your Peek Pro account.











DAY 11: Get more bookings with Peek Plus




Widen your customer pool with Peek Pro’s various integrations.


Ben Kind, Director of Business Development:

“Peek has partnered with some of the largest platforms in the world to generate more exposure, sales, and customers for your business!

We’ve built connections with Groupon, Expedia and others to ensure that wherever customers are discovering things to do – your activities are front and center.

We have more integrations coming in 2022 that we think you’ll be excited about as well!”



Just hit the links above for instructions, or if you’re looking to learn more about Peek Plus reach out to our team at [email protected] and start generating more sales on our network of distribution partners.




How does Peek widen your customer pool?


Example #1: Peek.com

Peek.com is a one-stop-shop for travelers looking for incredible experiences, our very own platform for you to advertise your products.

After a few simple steps you can offer your activities to a whole new audience; they are listed in this article.




Example #2: Peek Pals

Once you’re all set on Peek.com you will be eligible for Peek Pals!

Peek Pals allows you get more sales from other tour operators in the Peek network, while also helping your customers find more activities by featuring non competitive activities.

Once a customer completes a booking with you, they’ll see other non-competitive activity recommendations nearby on the confirmation page.

Additionally, you’ll be featured as a recommendation whenever a customer books with one of your fellow Peek Pals.

You get to review the list of activities that will display in your booking flow, giving you control over the types of activities that you want customers.


Find out more about this growth-boosting opportunity in this helpdesk article.












DAY 12: Increase the quantity & quality of your reviews



Matthew Osterhaus, Product Manager:

“Did you know that 72% of customers will not convert until they have read some sort of review?!”

Customers are constantly bombarded with content, so more and more they are relying on reviews to help them make decisions.

Peek Pro understands the importance of this and so has set up Smart Reviews. This feature sends out an automated email to every customer after each activity.


TOP TIP: Customize this review email to maximize its potential!

  • Make it sound and look like your company
  • Add a promo code as an incentive
  • Add photos
  • Add options to book another activity/re-book the activity
  • Include a link to gift cards


Just head to the product section of your Peek Pro account to get Smart Reviews set up.

Smart Reviews+ not only sends this email to the primary customer (the person that made the booking) but also to all other emails collected, from waivers or customer questions.

Our Partner Support team is available to install Smart Reviews+ on your account. You can call +1 (415) 361-5564, email [email protected], or chat in anytime!





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