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We know some incredible women who are crushing it in the tours and activities space! All this month, in line with International Women’s Day, Peek Pro is bringing you some exclusive business tips and inspiration courtesy of some of the industry’s female leaders.
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Ingrid Edstrom - No More Feast & Famine: Budgeting for Seasonality

It can be challenging to manage cash flow in a seasonal business, and the result is that many businesses end up running out of cash, going into debt, having owners carry the business, or borrowing from client deposits on upcoming trips to cover the off-season. Getting a firm handle on the finances of your tours, before and after, doesn’t have to be hard.

In Ingrid’s session you will learn some proven strategies that will help you plan ahead for your off season, as well as unexpected business disruptions. This workshop provides easy-to-use tools that can help you optimize your cash flow and make more money.

Jess Perry - Intelligent Itineraries: 7 Steps to Increasing Online Conversions

Selling tours and activities online can sometimes feel like a minefield. With so much competition around – from the dominance of TripAdvisor, Viator and OTAs to a seemingly extensive list of awesome offerings in your location – it can seem hard to get users to trust that your tours and activities really are the best option for them.

This webinar goes through through 7 simple steps to help build trust on your website, all in the name of increasing online conversions. We’ll cover topics such as content for your itineraries, the placement of buttons, or the photos you choose to use and where to put them to maximize online sales.

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