Resources & Updates for Tour & Activity Operators

Hub for advice, resources and updates regarding the impact of COVID-19 on tour operators

Connect and Learn at Arival 360

 Gain insights and practical advice in a series of four one-day virtual events plus a full day of networking and business meetings. Use our promo code PTPK36020 to receive a 75% discount.

How To Rapidly Increase The Value of Your Business: Webinar Recording

In this recorded workshop, Josh Oakes shares the 5 key steps he took to quickly build a resilient, systematized, scalable business for a rapid increase in both value and appeal.

Access to Capital

Hourly Job Alternative: Become a Driver & Deliver with DoorDash

With furloughs becoming the norm across industries, help staff, friends, or family find flexible, convenient earnings opportunities through Peek’s initiative with DoorDash. DoorDash is currently looking for drivers across hundreds of cities – get started now here.

$100M in Cash Grants and Ad Credits from Facebook

Browse the aid Facebook is providing for up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in over 30 countries. Apply here

Best Practices

Facebook Live Video Insights: A Marketing Tutorial 

Facebook Live videos can be effective tools for creating a loyal following. Learn how to leverage your data to optimize your videos and help grow your business.

How to Turbo-Charge Your Marketing To Locals

Wherewolf explores the behavior of local markets while sharing straightforward and honest methods that can take your marketing to the next level.

8 Cool Ways to Use Video in Email Marketing

Learn some key ways to ways to integrate engaging media into your emails to build stronger relationships with customers, generate leads, and strengthen the content behind your brand.

5 Factors to Consider Before Canceling Your Event

COVID-19 has led to a whirlwind of cancellations post Q1 of 2020. However, with alternative formats and rising competition, is canceling outright really the best decision?

Google My Business: 10 Key Optimizations for Tour and Activity Operators

Drive online traffic to your business with our latest Peek blog’s 10 key steps to improving your business’s rank in Google searches.

The Sunshine Tribe’s Online Program: Local Market Recovery

Our friends at the Sunshine Tribe are offering an uncomplicated, step-by-step system to help you reposition your experiences and start selling to totally new customers within a month. Use the coupon codes STARTER-COUPON and ACCELERATOR-COUPON to trigger a $200 discount for the respective training sessions.

How to Create Effective Facebook Lead Ads: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Want to collect more leads using Facebook? Learn which lead gen form options to use, how to add custom questions and fields to your form, and more key tips on creating effective Facebook lead ads.​

Tourism Tiger Offers Major Sale on Website Builds

Tourism Tiger websites are known for helping tour operators sell more tours; now, they’re more attainable than ever, with a 40% off sale for July.

Is Profit Possible for Live Events With Social Distancing?

Take a look at the impact of health and safety measures on budgets, the effect of social distancing and a reduced capacity on revenue, and the role virtual engagement will play in moving the needle towards a viable ROI.

How to Convert More Instagram Traffic: 3 Tips

Looking for ways to improve your conversions from Instagram? Discover three tips to improve the chances that people on Instagram will convert into customers on your website.

How to Create Detailed Buyer Personas for Your Business

Learn how to create buyer personas for your business so that you can identify your ideal customers, direct your efforts toward qualified prospects, and guide product development to suit their needs based on data and research.

Your Intelligent Reopening Checklist

Learn best practices and tips to help you reopen in today’s “new normal” with an easy checklist that will help you get back to business as quickly and safely as possible.

Advice from Industry Veterans

Running a Tour Business in Hong Kong with Amy Overy

Amy Overy of Hong Kong Greeters shares how she grew her tour business in Hong Kong and how her team has coped with the double whammy of mass political protests and COVID-19.

The Importance Of a Diverse Tour Guide Team

Tour guide trainer Nikki Padilla Rivera outlines why having a diverse group of guides means a richer customer experience and an added boost for your entire team.

Giving Our First Tour Since Lockdown with ViaNissa’s Robert Levitt 

Learn how a French tour operator pivoted to offer tours in Nice to locals and how they overcame tough French social distancing regulations.

Don’t Miss This Seminal Moment for Racial Justice, Travel Industry

With mass protests of gross racial inequalities spanning the U.S. and abroad, Skift covers what this could mean for the travel industry and issues a call to action.

Three Ways Tour Operators Can Grow During the COVID-19 Crisis

Milwaukee Food Tours share the actionable steps they took to pivot to sustain operations and payroll as they faced zero revenue during the lockdown.

Industry Experts Offering One-on-One, Free Consulting Help 

Leading tour industry players have come together through Tourmaggeddon to volunteer free consulting sessions for others in our industry. Set up a session with the link above.

Wildebeest's Essential Marketing Advice for Tour & Activity Operators 

Read about the actionable steps operators can take to mitigate the damage caused by today’s COVID crisis and prepare for the industry’s eventual recovery.

Navigating a Crisis: Arival's 5-Step Action Plan for Tour Operators 

Read the industry giant’s advice on minimizing unnecessary expenses, creating a cash flow forecast, diversifying current and future revenue-generating activities, and more.

'Attracting Tourists After Troubled Times' Blog

Regroup and prepare your business for when the dust settles and bookings ramp up with the tips and insights from Stephanie Fiero of Tourism Tiger in this guest blog. 

Examples of Operators Adapting

How Destinations Are Reinventing Themselves Through Virtual Event Platforms

Learn how operators are embracing the virtual world to offer valuable content and experiences to a travel-starved audience.

On Lessons Learned in COVID-19’s First-Hit Region 

One key takeaway: Chinese provinces, looking to stimulate more domestic demand, are slashing prices for some attraction tickets.

Big Bus Tours Resumes Tours, Offers Private Experiences

 Our Peek partner, who suspended worldwide operations in March because of the pandemic, has resumed its open-top sightseeing tours in  D.C. and is also offering private group tours for the first time.

How This Food Tour Business Pivoted to Support Local Eateries

 Adriano and Pina Ciotoli of WindsorEats were featured on the July cover of Entrepreneur magazine for the innovative way their business kept relationships with customers front-and-center.

Beyond COVID-19 – The Road to Recovery for Tour Operators

On Episode 101 of the Tourpreneur Podcast, 3 tourpreneurs from different parts of the world come together to discuss the recent TripAdvisor White Paper.

Dubai Food Tour Company Gifts Almost 3,000 Meals to Crisis-Hit Families 

The plan is being called ‘a lifeline’ for many in the community who would otherwise struggle to put food on their plates, while also helping to keep hard-hit local restaurants afloat.

Successful Pivots: How to Not Go Out of Business

Four operators discuss their process to re-think their business and develop the strategies to help them manage the COVID crisis, while building new business models for future success.

Virtual Food and Drink Experiences 

Our recent favorites: The Table Less Traveled’s live cooking classes with featured chefs and home cooks via Zoom; Boutique events company EETTAFEL’s online cooking and wine classes, featuring conversations with a life coach; Avital’s Remote Culinary Teambuilding, Virtual Chefinars, and Virtual Mixologist classes.

Virtual Yoga Classes

Sup Yo, which usually offers paddleboard yoga classes, hiking excursions, and retreats, is engaging customers with online yoga classes. Namaste in Nature has adapted similarly, switching up its former mediation and yoga hikes with online meditation and yoga classes on YouTube

Other Adapted Activities

Browse a wide range of adapted activities across the industry, including everything from virtual tours to “Shelter-in Style” kits to “Food Tours in a Box. 

Collaborations with Community Foundations

Check out how our partner ‘Your Biker Gang’ has teamed up with the Austin Community Foundation to help raise the funds needed to protect local businesses feeling the effects of the virus.

Adapted Refund Policies

Keep track of how the industry is adapting their refund policies in response to COVID-19 with this travel company refund tracker.

Stay Updated and Connected

Google Outlines Three Search Trends in the Travel Sector

Not surprisingly, one of these is the domestic travel trend, as consumers opt for local and less crowded destinations.

City Brew Tours Announces Scholarship for Women of Color

The scholarship is “the first step in supporting those who are underrepresented in the industry because we know they can only make it better," says Barry Hansen of City Brew Tours.

The United and American Airlines Furlough a Total of 32,000 Employees 

While this move could impact domestic travel, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker says the furloughs could be reversed if Washington manages to reach a new business aid package.

American Airlines to Cut 19,000 Jobs—Unless Congress Extends Pandemic Aid

The US’s largest airline expects to eliminate 19,000 jobs, through 17,500 involuntary furloughs and 1,500 layoffs, on Oct. 1, once their pandemic bailout expires.

The Event Industry’s Recovery Timeline Is Changing: What You Need to Know

The event industry has entered a new phase of its recovery. While uncertainty remains, there are positive signs that rebuilding can start.

How the World’s Top Attractions Are Reopening

 Nearly 4 in 5 of the world’s top attractions have reopened, but there are notable differences in how tourism is rebounding internationally. Check out Arival’s latest data to see what’s what.

New Association Aims to Support Small Destination Experience Operators

A new global association has been founded to unite and support small, independent Destination Experience Operators (DEOs) from around the world, including providers of local tours.

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Unveils New Insurance Guidelines

The new guidelines are intended to rebuild global consumer confidence to help encourage the return of traveling.

How Covid-19 Is Reshaping Consumer Behavior — and What That Means for Travel Brands Right Now

As new habits, concerns, and demands become top of mind for consumers, travel companies should be paying close attention to these shifts to stay relevant and maintain trust in today’s challenging environment.

What Trump’s WeChat Ban May Mean for the Travel Sector

Trump's ban on the Chinese superapp WeChat may turn out to be a mere annoyance for many Chinese travelers. But it could cause real harm to some U.S. travel organizations.

GetYourGuide Survey: How and When Americans Will Resume Exploring the World 

US respondents plan to travel more—and spend more money on experiences—in 2021 vs. 2019; check out which age groups are most eager to resume traveling, what their top travel motivators are, and other trends to keep an eye on now.

U.K. To Allow Quarantine-Free Travel For 75 Countries: Air Bridge Idea Scrapped 

The U.K. government is set to release a list of 75 countries with whom travel will be allowed, quarantine-free, and to lift the foreign office ban on non-essential travel to many countries.

Rethinking Skift’s 2020 Travel Megatrends in a Pandemic World

Skift has gone back and looked at this year’s defining travel trends through the prism of the pandemic. Check out how things have changed.

COVID-19 Marketing and Sales Benchmark Data for Tour and Activity Operators

 Keep up on week-over-week benchmark data for core business metrics, split by region, company size, and industry cuts. You can find the data with the 'Learn More' button below and more context on the dataset and sources here.

Travel’s Reopening: A Global Timeline 

Stay up-to-date on the reopening of various travel sectors around the world, in order to better understand the when and the where of how the reopening and potential recovery of travel goes from here.

Tourmageddon: A COVID-19 Resource and Advice Hub

Find more resources, top tips, recovery plans, and more, edited by industry experts, Alex Bainbridge (Autoura / DestinationCTO), Peter Syme and Chris Torres. Sign up to receive email updates or follow them on Twitter @TourmageddonH.

Facebook Forums for Tour Operators

Join the groups Tour Operators UnitedTourpreneur for Tour Operators/Tour Professionals, andTour Strategy if you haven’t already for discussion, advice, and support.

Appeal to Your Local Community

'Driving Community Support' Blog

Learn tips on how to help your community best support your business. We’ve also included email templates and social media posts in this blog to help you get these campaigns up and running, without having to start from scratch.

11 Ways Your Community Can Help Travel Companies

See examples of how your community can help businesses like yours in this article by Linsey Stevens from Travel Awaits.

Webinar Recordings

The Rise of the A.I. Tour Guide: Webinar Recording 

Join Chris Torres as he chats with Alex Bainbridge, the former CEO of TourCMS, about the A.I. he has developed and how it will impact the industry.

Arival Webinar Recording: Guide and Staff Training for Health and Safety

Listen as Veteran tour guide and guide trainer Nikki Padilla Rivera walks you through how to train your guides and staff on all things health and safety as travel and tours reopen.

Rentals Roundtable: Webinar Recording

Listen as our panelists discuss the changes they’ve made to their businesses, today’s tighter hygiene regulations, specific cleaning chemicals, correct customer messaging, and more.

Intelligent Reopening Webinar Recording

Learn best practices and tips to help you reopen in today’s “new normal” with Jon Peahl, safety & hygiene expert and founder of SanSee Systems. Plus check out even more helpful resources from the webinar slides here.

Arival: How to In-House Your SEO

829 Studios’ co-founder Peter Ross delves into the search essentials every operator should be doing now. Learn how to manage it all in-house without spending a dime.

International Tour Operator Roundtable Webinar

 Listen as leading industry players from around the globe discuss how COVID has affected their businesses, how markets have responded to virtual activities, and which areas are starting to open up to tourism.

How to Design, Launch and Sell Online Tours & Experiences 

Gain a practical guide to creating and selling online products and services with Kelsey Tonner and Ingo Albrecht from Be a Better Guide & Online Tourism Academy.

Workshop + Q&A: How to Take Your Experiences Online

Learn how to set up a virtual tour from scratch, which aspects are likely to make it successful, and more with Junket (a virtual tour software provider).

Tour Operator Roundtable I & II

Delve into some of today’s crucial questions: how to access capital, how to adapt tours or activities, how to best communicate with customers, and more. Access the recording of Part I with the 'Learn More' button below and of Part II here.

'Planning for Recovery: Essential Marketing Advice' Webinar

Listen as the co-founders of Wildebeest discuss how to market your business in these extreme circumstances, prepare your operations for recovery, and more.