Peek Pro Bundles

Peek is the innovator for the tours and activities industry and a technology partner for tour and activity operators of all sizes. Bundles is a new, powerful booking flow shopping cart technology allowing for many different uses, increasing sales and maximizing per-guest revenue.

Bundles leverages context to simplify the upsell, allowing operators to offer additional activities without the dramatic increase in friction when selling online. With Bundles, upsells can be configured to only be available within a set time window of the primary purchase, for example, on the same day. Tickets can be locked in to match the tickets for the primary activity. Combo packages can be created with discounted prices for every additional activity.

Bundles Core Functionality

Same Day Activity Upsell

Running more than one tour per day? Make it easy for your customers to book a second activity for the same day with a single click.

Multi-day Itinerary Builder

Similar to the same day configuration, the date range of the upsell activity can be expanded. This converts Bundles into an itinerary builder for longer trips, allowing your customers to purchase an upsell within a specific date range before and/or after the primary activity.

Combo Packages

Rather than upselling additional activities, sell two or more activities together as a new, stand-alone combo product.

Discount Packages

Provide further encouragement for your customers to purchase a second upsell by offering it as a package at a discounted price.


Selling together with activities, operators can also sell leverage add-ons to upsell the primary experience, such as offering VIP-treatment and selling merchandise.

Advanced Industry Examples

Transportation Management

Do you have a bus with limited capacity picking up customers and dropping them off later again? Bundles gives you the ability to allow your customers to select their pick-up and drop-off times from available times, based on remaining seating on the bus, and streamline your operations.

Return Ferry

Does your cruise offer a return trip? Allow customers to book the return ferry at the same time.

Multi-day Classes

Bundles’ date range can be configured to be set in the future, making it a great tool to sell repeating classes. Allow your customers to book the second class on specific dates the following week and the third one the week after.

Upsell Vip Treatment

Offer your customers to purchase a champagne upsell for that special occasion. Or a skip-the-line access pass. Or extra leg space on the bus.

Lunch And Dinner

Bundles and add-ons work great for upselling your customers a lunch or dinner option as part of the activity package.

Corporate Events For Escape Rooms

Larger escape rooms often offer multiple rooms for their corporate clients and their larger customer base. Make it easy for your corporate customers to book multiple rooms together.

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