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The booking flow on your website plays a huge role in converting visitors into customers. Peek’s revolutionary new booking flow has been tested and optimized to secure more bookings, while also reducing your costs and saving you time.

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Give your customers the best experience

Matches Your Brand

Your brand matters. With Peek, choose from 12 beautifully designed color themes so your booking flow stays on brand.

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Activity Booking Flow

Send your customers directly into the booking flow from your website with prominent Book Now buttons for each activity.

Multi-activity Calendar

Give your customers a by-the-month overview of all your activities and tour times with the Multi-Activity Calendar.

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See the calendar in action on a real partner’s website: Jersey Girls Food Tours.
Learn more about how Jersey Girls Food Tours is using Peek in their case study.

Multi-activity Schedule

For activities with irregular or less-frequent scheduling, the Multi-Activity Schedule gives your customers a wider view of when they can book.

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See the schedule in action on a real partner’s website: Avital Tours.

Learn more about how Avital is using Peek in her case study.

Activity Picker

Entice customers to book the right tours for them by showing engaging photos of your activities.

Easy Rentals

Renting out equipment? Peek Pro has full support for rental inventory management and makes it easy for your customers to rent the right equipment.

Homepage Hero

Add beautiful photos and a Book Now button right at the top of your homepage to impress your customers and maximize your conversions. Looks great, loads fast, and is easy to customize.

You can also pop-up the multi-calendar or the activity picker: show me

Nested Flows

Showing a wide range of offerings can be overwhelming for your customers and reduce the likelihood of them purchasing any of your activities. With our nested flows, you can ask your customers targeted questions and reduce choice. These flows can be combined and adjusted to fit your business needs.

Interlinked Flows

Allow customers to easily chose between related activities, for example between a private and a public tour, by linking between the two booking flows.

Private Tour Request

Give your customers the ability to easily inquire about customized, private events online, directly from your website.

Private Tour Invoice Link

Allow your customers to pay for private events at their own convenience. You create the reservation and simply share the link for them to pay online. The invoice is highly customizable allowing you to tailor to your customers.


Bad weather? Customer can’t make it? Instead of handing out refunds, email your customers a link directly from Peek Pro, allowing them to reschedule themselves for another time. All without having to call or email you.

Reviews For Your Website

Nothing is quite as powerful for building trust as an honest review. Peek SmartReviews allow you to both, send customers to TripAdvisor and Yelp, as well as capture ratings and comments in Peek Pro. These reviews allow you to assess the quality of your guide’s tours. And they are now available to be embedded directly on your website with our review widget.

Designed For Mobile

More than 50% of online bookings for tour and activity providers come from mobile devices. Our booking flow is designed for a fast, simple, beautiful mobile experience so you never lose out with customers on the go.

Growing Your Sales

Dynamic Pricing

Airlines and hotels use pricing to charge more on busy days and give discounts on less busy days to maximize profits. With Peek Pro, you can set up rules to automatically optimize your prices.

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Peek’s Bundles is the shopping cart for tours and activities, an industry-first innovation. Operators can now easily upsell additional activities, create combos and packages, all without impacting the conversion of your booking flow.

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Upsell Add-ons

Make the customer experience even more special by offering add-ons. Peek’s booking flow allows customers to pick and choose the additional options they want most for their tour.

Charge For Extra Services

Are you providing extra services, such as picking up customers from their hotel or including optional lunches? You can charge guests for upgraded services that make an even better customer experience.

Pay-later Widget

In some situations you might only want to collect a verified credit card, but not actually process the transaction yet. Our Pay-Later widget is a regular booking flow, however, instead of charging the credit card it is only put on file, ready for you to charge at a later point. This is very useful for private tour inquiries where the date and the availability is still uncertain and subject to negotiation.

Abandoned Bookings

Peek Pro’s Abandoned Booking feature automatically recaptures customers that leave your booking flow without completing their booking, increasing your average online revenues by up to 10%!

Leverage Deposits

Sell more tickets for high-priced activities or private tours by allowing customers to pay only a portion up front. Peek Pro’s Deposits allow you to set the amount to charge for online, and you can collect the remainder at a later date.

Sell Gift Cards

Give the gift of experiences and increase your revenue throughout the year by offering gift cards. Sell both cash and activity gift cards directly through your website with Peek.

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Fill Tours With Availability Rules

Funnel bookings into preferred times with Peek’s innovative Availability Rules so you can run more tours that meet and exceed your cost minimums.

Habla Espanol?

Do you have international customers? The Peek Pro booking flow is available in four professionally translated languages: English, Spanish, German, and French.

Use The Right Currency

Expanding internationally? Peek Pro supports charging, paying out and reporting in currencies including US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Mexican Pesos and more.

Streamline Your Customer’s Check-out Process

Easy Customer Pick-up

Make it easy for customers to find their ride to your tour. Peek’s booking flow shows your customers the closest pickup locations to their hotel or AirBnB, as well as pickup times, right in the booking flow.

Show Questions Conditionally

Not all questions are necessary. With Peek Pro’s Conditional Questions, show only those that are needed, when they’re needed.

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Delay Unnecessary Questions

Each question asked during the booking process can reduce your conversions by 3-5%. In other words, removing a single question might gain you an additional 3-5% in bookings. Keep customers moving through the flow by moving less important questions to the confirmation screen, after the customer has paid.

Freesale Purchases

Do you sell open-ended tickets where no date and time are required? Simplify your flow and increase sales by skipping a calendar completely.

Private Tours And Boat Charter

Don’t confuse your customers by asking for “tickets” when a flat fee is charged for a private tour or charter. Eliminate ticket choices and go straight to customer information in Peek Pro’s flexible booking flow for private activities.

Optimize Your Marketing

Facebook Ads

Leverage Facebook’s Ad engine to target your specific customers. With Peek’s Facebook integration, you can retarget customers, track their engagement by how far they have gone through the booking flow, and analyze ROI on your Facebook ad spent.

Google Adwords

Track revenue generated from your Google Adwords campaigns. Make better business decisions by seeing which keywords are the most successful, when they’re used and which customers bring in the most revenue. Peek’s booking flow connects directly with your AdWords account, allowing you to understand your return on every dollar spent.

Custom Integrations

Using other marketing technologies? Want to track conversions? Peek Pro allows you to securely add custom JavaScript, such as 3rd party tracking pixels, to the confirmation screen of the booking flow. You can even give the code access to booking specific data such as order value and customer email address.


Thanks to Peek’s integration with Zapier, you can take advantage of the world’s most powerful marketing tools, such as Hubspot, ConstantContact, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, and 750 other online tools.

Peek Pulse

Understand your business through actionable metrics. Peek sends you a daily and weekly Peek Pulse email, packed with insightful data that helps you run your business more effectively.

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