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Los Angeles By The Beach

    • Morning
      • venice beach

      • This corner of LA is filled with class and sass. Enjoy a beautiful day on the beach surrounded by funky music, inspiring art, daring architecture and delicious food. Start your day with breakfast at 26 Beach Cafe for delicious and creative brunch options or Maxwells for the classic menu. Then take a stroll down the Boardwalk. Starting at the Venice-Santa Monica border, this path stretches two mile down the beach and is filled with street vendors, cafes, murals, and performers. At the end, you should stroll down to the canals to visit the spot that inspired this city's name!
    • Afternoon
      • Marina del Rey

      • Grab a bike and head down to Marina del Rey to take in the beautiful bay and refreshing breeze. The waterways are peppered with sailboats and catamarans, and you can lay out on the grass lawns in Chase Park for a picnic with an unbeatable view.
    • Evening
      • Abbot Kinney Boulevard

      • Stroll down the famous Abbot Kinney Boulevard to see all of the awesome art galleries and boutiques. You will find so much character here, showcasing the best parts of new and old Venice Beach. Grab a snack at Lemonade and explore all of the art and culture on this road. Dinner at Gjelina is an absolute MUST!
    • Night
      • Santa Monica Night Life

      • Pace yourself for a big night ahead! The Brig or Other Room are great places to start if you're in Venice. Otherwise, head to Irish pubs Fin McCools or O'Briens to get the party started. There are a number of cool bars down Main Street, but the best place to stop is the basement of the Victorian. Live music, great energy, and fun drinks!

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