Riho Tani

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Relaxing Day In Osaka

    • Morning
      • Butter

      • I am kind of person who can not start a day without having a breakfast. And one of my favorite cafe for breakfast is Butter(this is famous pancacke cafe).I would recommend plain one first.
      • Utsubo Park

      • After eating breakfast, I like walking around Utsubo Park. This park is pretty big so you never get bored. There are many flowers and objects that is beautiful. Sometimes I bring soccer ball and play with friends in the park.
    • Afternoon
      • カンテ・グランデ靭公園店

      • For lunch, I often go to Cante(カンテグランデ).
        This is one of the most favorite curry restaurant.
    • Evening
      • こなな エキマルシェ大阪店

      • This is the best place for Pasta. Its not expensive and healthy. this is the place where everyone should go!!

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