405134462's Perfect Days

A Small But Amazing City Dehua

    • Morning
      • TangZhai Mountain Forest Park

      • Climb Tangzhai Mountain near my home,feeling the fresh air to refresh mysef.
      • The Ceramics capital of China

      • Dehua is famous as the Ceramics Capital of China,for it masters advanced technology in ceramic making and has developed a mature industry .So we can take some time to go to the Ceramic Street to buy some beautiful and practical ceramics.
    • Afternoon
      • Daixian Waterfall

      • In the afternoon,we drive about one hour to visit Daixian Waterfall known for its height and unbelievable scenery.
    • Evening
      • Dehua No.1 Middle School

      • It has been quite a long time since l left my hometown to college,so I would like to return to my Middle High school to have a look .
    • Night
      • Touch the real rhythm of Dehua

      • I usually have a city-surrounding walk with my parents after supper.I think it's a great way to truly discover and feel what kind of city Dehua is .The city is built by a river called Chanxi. On the opposite side of the river there are wooden pavements where people gather together to walk, talk, sale something cheap and dance.
      • I would stay at: the Ciguomingzhu Hotel

      • The best choice is the Ciguomingzhu Hotel.The Daiyun Hotel and the Cidu Hotel can be also under your consideration.

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