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Surfing in Samoa; Scuba diving Tahiti and Thailand; Skiing in Whistler; Camping under the stars at Joshua Tree National Park and Trekking in Bhutan.

    • Morning
      • Hike to Taktsang

      • This monastery clings to a craggy cliff, nearly 3,000 feet above Paro Valley. The scenic hike and chance to visit "Tigers Nest" monastery is a must for any traveler to Bhutan!
    • Afternoon
      • Paro Dzong

      • Tour Paro Dzong, a towering monastery and fortress in the Paro District of Bhutan. Behold elaborate and colorful Buddhist murals and get blessed by Buddhist monks.
      • tsechu

      • Tsechus are annual religious festivals held in each district of Bhutan that feature elaborate costumes and dances, celebrating the life of Guru Rinpoche, a Buddhist teacher who lived in the 8th Century.
      • National Museum of Paro

      • The National Museum is conveniently located near Paro Dzong and has over 3,000 works of Bhutanese art.
      • Paro Archery Grounds

      • Spend late afternoon touring the town of Paro and watching a spirited match of the national sport of Bhutan--archery.
    • Evening
      • Amankora

      • Feast on Bhutanese, Indian and Western-inspired cuisine, then soak in a hot stone bath at Amankora, one of Bhutan's first luxury hotels.
      • Kichu Resort

      • For a more affordable option, try the Kichu Resort in Paro, featuring cozy rooms, tasty meals and friendly staff.

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