skapellen's Perfect Days

Aneyna's Perfect Day Skylar And Coltan

    • Morning
      • Aneyh inn hotel

      • When you stop you need to stay in the Aneyh inn hotel. Their is a free coninental breakfast hat is the only hotel that serves strawberryand bacon french toast in Aneya. You also can go to the swimming pool.
    • Afternoon
      • Seaweed channel

      • In the afternoon you should go down to seaweed channel and start fishing because there is a lot of great fish. This is the only place anywhere you can instancly catch fish. They are big and they like any color lure and any size lure so you can catch your limit of fish with in 1 hour and the water is bright blue color.
    • Evening
      • Sweet orange forest

      • In the evening you can go down to sweet orange forest and pick some great oranges or get some delicious orange juice from the store in sweet orange forest.They have the best and the sweetest oranges.
      • Resting time

      • If you don’t want to go down to sweet orange forest then you should go to your room and rest before the music festival.
    • Night
      • Aneyh beach party

      • At night there will be a beach party for Aneyh’s annual music festival. You can listen to your favorite bands. You can also buy your band on a tee-shirt. They always have food and drinks there.

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