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Abby's Perfect Day In Cincinnati

    • Morning
      • Hyde Park Square

      • About five miles north of downtown, Hyde Park Square is a lovely spot to spend the morning. In the summer, you can start your day off right by practicing yoga on the terrace at Lululemon, browsing the local farmer's market, and enjoying mimosas with brunch on Teller's patio.
      • Findlay Market

      • Head to the historic Over-the-Rhine district to check out Findlay Market, the oldest continously operated public market in the state of Ohio, where you'll find fresh organic produce as well as wine tasting and live entertainment on the the weekends.
    • Afternoon
      • Great American Ball Park

      • Take in the exciting atmosphere at the beautiful waterfront stadium during a Reds game at the Great American Ball Park.
    • Evening
      • A Tavola

      • Back to the eclectic Over-the-Rhine district for dinner at A Tavola where you can enjoy pizza and a bigger-city feel.
      • igby's

      • Among the newest bars in town, igby's is a great stop for an after-dinner drink (or three).
      • The Righteous Room

      • Head to the back patio at Righteous Room to partake in a night of dancing and shenanigans sure to leave your head throbbing in the morning.
    • Night
      • I would stay at: 21c Museum Hotel

      • One of the top-rated hotels in the city, the 21c Museum Hotel, is located in the heart of downtown and offers a twist with its museum exhibits.

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