Perfumed Discovery Workshop 50mL in Paris: A First Walk in the World of Perfumery
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Embark on a perfumed discovery workshop in Paris and immerse yourself in the world of scents. Create your own unique perfume from 180 exclusive notes with the guidance of a perfumer.
Duration: 2 hours
Cancellation: 1 day learn more
  • 7 Rue des Francs Bourgeois - Want to escape through woody, spicy or floral scents?

Le Studio des Parfums invites you on a most memorable olfactory journey, an experience where the creation of your fragrance is a world of wonders.

Through our workshops, discover 100 exclusive notes, and let yourself be transported by the confidential world of niche perfumes, a perfume different from all, yours.

This mini-group creation workshop will allow you to discover in depth the magic of French Haute Parfumerie. Smell, then choose your favorite fragrances from our fragrance organ.

Within a mini-group, you will be accompanied by our Perfumer-Nose step by step, and will leave with your own essence in 50ml format.

At the end of this workshop, we keep your formula in case you want to recommend your perfume.

What's Included
  • Select from 100 exclusive fragrances
  • Personalized perfume-making experience
  • Eco-friendly, refillable bottle included
  • Take home a 50 mL custom-made scent
What's Not Included
  • Accompanying persons (with some exceptions)
Additional Information

Embarking on your initial journey into the realm of fragrance, this workshop offers the chance to acquaint yourself with the diverse world of aromas. It allows you to craft your very own perfume from our selection of 180 unique notes. Guided and counseled by a skilled perfumer, you’ll explore our vast array of fragrances, discovering those that beautifully resonate with your character and emotions.

7 Rue des Francs Bourgeois
Rue des Francs Bourgeois
7 rue des Francs Bourgeois, 75004 Paris, France Metro Saint Paul Line 1
Cancellation Policy

For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

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Sep 9, 2023
Definitely do it! - My husband and I are visiting Paris for our anniversary. We just had our first perfume/cologne making experience with Sophie at Le Studio des Parfum. It's a clean and inviting studio with 2 workshop areas. One for French speakers and one for English (us)! Sophie was very, friendly, patient and very knowledgeable. She helped us understand the different notes and how important they are when creating a fragrance. She also helped all of us by suggesting notes to add to bring out what we were going for! This was such a unique experience, and I would definitely recommend it!
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Jun 15, 2023
The experience was... - The experience was awesome, we managed to create two very distinct fragrances and now we are taking home something unique. Sophie was amazing as she helped us analyzing our choices of the various essences and making the proper changes to create balance for our own perfume.
Review provided by Viator
Apr 20, 2023
Tons of fun. Easy to... - Tons of fun. Easy to understand and turned out not too bad. Actually wore my creation!! I would recommend this activity to everyone.
Review provided by Viator
Oct 22, 2022
Amazing afternoon and a must do in Paris! - Amazing afternoon. Everyone was so friendly and Sophie, the perfumer, so kind and helpful. We all liked very different perfumes and the perfumes we all created, we love! It was a fascinating and really lovely experience.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Aug 23, 2022
Make your own perfume, kid friendly. Highly recommend - We got to learn a bit about the process of making perfumes and then we got to make and name our own bottles. Kids loved the experience and felt like they were doing science experiments. It was our guides first time giving a tour but he was very friendly and answered all our questions, also very patient with kids.
Review provided by Viator
Aug 14, 2023
Experience: create your own perfume… - Awesome experience and learnings! Experience different sense and mixing of different smells to create very personalised perfume. Able to reorder too for future.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Jun 6, 2023
A very sensory experience with a "scent-sational" result - We had a very enjoyable time with sensory overload of all the essence that we got to smell with the aim of creating our own very special signature scent. There were only 4 people in our group so consider ourselves lucky. I was not quite expecting "the nose" to try and then modify our blend to be similar to our favourite perfumes. I would have much preferred to have a perfume I made that was unique and not trying to imitate something else. I was disappointment that we were delayed waiting to more attendees but they did not show and this meant we started 10 minutes late and then later on we were being rushed to finish within the 2 hours for a late start that was not our fault. Also, I felt the quality of the bottle lacking, the cap and sprayer were plastic, something I have not experienced in other similar workshops worldwide.
Review provided by Viator
Sep 20, 2023
Ok experience - I paid about 210 CAD for 2 hours thinking it would be an experience of learning more about perfume creation. The session included a brief explanation about perfumery (base notes, middle notes, top notes), the group (3 people) was mixed English and French, so the employees had to say everything in French and then in English, while my experience was clearly marked to be in English. There was another group speaking English but they were separate and came later. Organizationally, it should have been planned much better and more efficient. I had 50 ml paid for and all others (my group and the second English-speaking 3 people) had 30 ml paid for. The experience included us smelling a large number of bottles for each level of perfume, while we were passing about 100 bottles to each other it was timed by the employee - you had to complete each round (base, middle and top notes) within 10-15 minutes for 3 people, which makes about 10 sec for a bottle! When that was done, the Perfumer of the house went through the sents on the lists of each participant and determined the quantity of each to be included in your formula. I was the last, hence I had the least amount of time to mix my perfume while I had the biggest quantity to mix. Again, organizationally, I should have been the first to be reviewed, so I would have more time to mix. The employees were very nice, and professional and asked what perfumes I normally wear (Chanel, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen) and that is the only reason I gave 3 starts and not 1 start to this experience. I had to stay 15 minutes longer to finish mixing while I was racing to do it as fast as I could because I felt uncomfortable going over the time limit of 2 hours. Frankly, for the amount of money I paid for 2 hours, it should have been a private or 2 people at most session in order to actually enjoy the experience. There were certain ingredients I was looking forward to including in my formula such as Mint, a replacement of celery seeds, musk, or oakmoss; they didn't have these while mint and musk are pretty standard ingredients. Result: I left feeling dizzy from all the race and smells, I couldn't any longer determine if I liked the smell or not and what kind of perfume I left with; now, when I had a couple of days to evaluate the perfume, it smells way to powdery and heavy for me and should I had more time, that would be avoided by simply changing the quantities of the ingredients in the formula. To summarize, the organization of the session was not thought through by the operator and the value for the money was not good either. I wish I had chosen a different operator for my unique Paris perfume creation session.
Review provided by Viator
Jul 13, 2022
Didn't Participate in the workshop - I never did the perfume workshop. I was stuck in traffic and running late from a previous appointment so I tried contacting the Discovery People (through the site) and left several messages to explain I was running late. I asked if I should rebook if it was too late for the class but no one ever answered my communications. I proceeded and Spent over 20 Euro to get there and the head person would not even look at me! She had a younger assistant talk with me. I explained my trying to text them before and even after the class started with no reply. She told the head women my story (in French) and replied - I couldn't participate, I was too late. She than offered me a next day late class. I'd already purchased a Viator Bus Trip for the entire day on July 1, 2022. I asked for Saturday morning the July 2. I was told to call to see if there was room and given a card with the number and told to describe what happened. I left repeated voice messages and never heard back from them!! I was out the money for the class and the Taxis fare. I was very disappointed that I missed this - it was something I wanted to do for so many years! I Was SO CLOSE !
Review provided by Viator
Aug 14, 2023
Terrible - Woman spent most of the time with the room who had French spoken people in rather than English. Hated my perfume it smells like cat p*** is not worth the money! Honestly just buy yourself your favourite bottle of perfume and save yourself the money and disappointment. You weren’t allowed too add everything you wanted to it either.
Review provided by Viator
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