New Orleans History Tour: Authentic Local Experience
New Orleans
Discover the rich and complex history of New Orleans on an authentic local history tour. Learn about the creation of jazz, Mardi Gras parades, New Orleans firsts, legalized prostitution, and the city's battle with natural challenges. Book now for an exclusive exploration of this vibrant and spirited city!
Duration: 2 hours
Cancellation: 1 day learn more
  • French Quarter - Learn the history of this accidental European city in America.

Walk along with our local guides who can tell you the recent history first hand and the old history through the words of their own ancestors who lived the history themselves.

On this 90-minute walking tour you will feel as if you, yourself, are living in the stories as you time travel through centuries of our ups and downs. History takes on a different feel when told by the people who have lived it.

What's Included
  • Expert guiding by locals with ancestral city ties
  • Licensed guides with comprehensive historical knowledge
  • Scheduled breaks for refreshments and restrooms
  • Insights into the city’s environmental aspects
  • Exploration of New Orleans’ iconic architecture
  • Emphasis on the historical accuracy of New Orleans
Additional Information

Embark on an in-depth historical tour of New Orleans, guided by individuals who are the direct descendants of its diverse and intricate past.

La Nouvelle Orleans, established in 1718 by a fearless youngster, has left an indelible impression of being both pioneer and infamous over the centuries.

Our tour will enlighten you about:

Birth of Jazz: The essence of tunes Mardi Gras Parades: Symbolic celebrations
New Orleans Pioneering Contributions: From Beverages to Food Sanctioned Prostitution: A controversial backstory
*Environmental Threats: The continuing struggle with hurricanes and floods

We dig deep beneath the surface news, into the core of New Orleans, revealing past accounts that are usually overshadowed. Its whole past is sprawling, replete with both victories and hurdles that endlessly captivate.

Don’t forfeit the opportunity to delve into this legacy from its own inheritors.

Reserve your spot now for a vibrant, original, and exclusive journey into the heart of America’s most spirited city. Witness the tales spring to life!

  • Not recommended for anyone who cannot walk 1 mile at a leisurely pace
768 Decatur St
Decatur Street
We will meet at the bottom of the concrete steps. This is an ampitheatre so the steps are a kind of semi circle. We will meet you in the middle at the bottom of the steps.
Cancellation Policy

For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

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