Artist's Tour: Dive into Los Angeles Arts District
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Los Angeles

Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and pulsing energy of the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, guided by an accomplished artist who knows this creative hub like the back of their hand

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  • Delight your senses as you soak up the vivid hues and palpable energy of Downtown LA’s renowned Arts District, a bustling center of creativity and inspiration
  • Benefit from the unique insights and artistic perspective of an accomplished local artist, offering a personal glimpse into the heartbeat of this dynamic neighborhood
  • Experience an unforgettable cultural immersion, discover hidden gems, and inspire your own creativity in a district that exudes an unmatched vibrancy
Additional Information
  • Please wear comfortable shoes for walking.
561 Colyton Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031
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96 Hours.

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Nov 25, 2023
Kevin did a great job of sharing the stories and artists behind the pieces and it was evident that he was very passionate about the subject and enjoyed sharing it with our group. All of us enjoyed it and will highly recommend it to friends and family who have not done the tour. Super cool cultural experience!
Review provided by Peek Pro
Oct 10, 2023
Hector was great!
Review provided by Peek Pro
Sep 30, 2023
I have always wanted to go on a guided street art tour. I had always hoped it would give some insight into a world I know nothing about yet have always appreciated the talent. The tour with Kevin was great. He did give us insight into this under-recognized art form. It was interestsing learning a snippet of the culture. I wished we had more time to talk and explore additional art work. LA is certainly a great place to have this opportunity. I hope to see more cities offering guided tours with knowledgeable people. It would be a cool project to do a documentary about this art work and culture. If I had the skill, time, and finances, it would be a project I would like to help support. It is fascinating. Would be interesting to learn in detail about each artist and photo-document their work before it is gone. It definitely is a dynamic process- a living art form.
Review provided by Peek Pro
Sep 20, 2023
Our private tour with Hector was fun, interesting, and insightful. He had so many stories to tell and answered all questions patiently. I would highly recommend booking this tour. With the stories from a guide the graffitis and murals come to life and you can be sure not to miss any hidden gems. Thank you to Hector for an awesome experience!
Review provided by Peek Pro
Oct 10, 2023
Tour was fantastic and eye-opening, one of the best of any kind I’ve ever taken due to guide’s passion and knowledge. I am dinging the overall experience, though, because of weak communication and lack of pleases and thank yous. The email instructions did not have the correct rendezvous point, and to make matters worse, the guide just stood there and didn’t approach us when we were obviously looking for him. I hope this company will succeed and grow, but in order to do so, they either need to get much better at communication or hire a marketing/communications person to help them.
Review provided by Peek Pro
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