Battleship USS Iowa: Iconic Los Angeles Landmark Tour
Los Angeles
Experience the iconic Battleship USS Iowa, an LA landmark and top museum. Explore its history, enjoy a scavenger hunt, and discover why it's known as the 'Battleship of Presidents'.
Duration: 3 hours
Cancellation: 1 day learn more
  • Battleship USS Iowa Museum - Battleship USS Iowa served our country proudly in WWII, Korea, and the Cold War. Today, the historic U.S. Navy ship is an iconic Los Angeles landmark and considered one of the region’s best museum for families and visitors of all ages. Create memories and see why Battleship USS Iowa visitors continue to rate us as one of the best museum in Los Angeles.

Battleship USS Iowa began its service during WWII after being built at New York Navy Ship Yard. Namesake of the last class of Battleships, she went on to serve during three different eras.

Launched on August 27, 1940, the USS IOWA battleship would head for Newfoundland and the North Atlantic just three years later for her first war patrol during World War II.

On August 25, 1951, the USS IOWA was recommissioned for service due to the escalating tension occurring between the United States and Korea. For seven years, the Battleship IOWA had an active role in the Korean Conflict.

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Additional Information

General Access Pass
This pass offers a comprehensive overview of the historical vessel along with its past, complimentary access to our mobile app, participation is eligible for the Vicky the Dog Scavenger Hunt, and diverse museum displays such as Lost at Sea with Dr. Bob Ballard.
Also included are private transportation services to and from the USS Iowa.

The USS Iowa Battleship served our nation with honor in WWII, the Korean War, and the Cold War. Now, this esteemed U.S. Navy warship is a famous Los Angeles monument and regarded as one of the best museums for attendees of all ages in the area. While touring, you’ll explore the ship just as the sailors and our playful mascot Vicky the Dog did, and understand why she’s known as the “Battleship of Presidents,” “The Grey Ghost,” and “The Big Stick.” The tour doesn’t need a guide and includes free access to our award-winning mobile app and the Vicky the Dog scavenger hunt. Visit us, create memories and understand why visitors continue to rate the USS Iowa Battleship as one of Los Angeles’ top museums.

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  • The Battleship IOWA was built for active duty naval service and as such corridor space and access from deck to deck as well as the width of doors were minimized to essential crew needs only. For this reason, you will not find original elevators on battleships, just ladders (a nautical term for stairs). You will also notice that the corridors are much narrower than what you would see in an average building space. Being at sea, under the conditions of potential conflict, also meant that many of the doors were either watertight or completely sealable for structural integrity. You will encounter what the sailors refer to as “knee knockers” throughout the ship at doorways and passageways. Knee Knockers are the 6-8” elevated base of the watertight and structural door ways that allow for the doors to be sealed. They got their name from those that forgot they were there and tripped over them landing in most cases on their knees. Today the Knee Knockers and the narrow doorways are an impediment to guests in wheelchairs or those using walkers.
  • Accessibility to Persons with Disabilities Battleship IOWA Museum has installed one chairlift on Main Deck; the deck used to board and exit the ship, bringing guests to the 01 level to the Captain’s Cabin where former President FDR stayed. As part of the opening of the Battleship IOWA’s newest exhibit, LOST AT SEA, two more lifts for our physically impaired guests are newly installed facilitate access to the 2nd deck museum spaces and the 3rd deck new exhibit area. Noting the spaces mentioned above, wheelchair and guests utilizing walkers are restricted to Main Deck exterior spaces while on Battleship IOWA. While there are still obstacles such as uneven decking to contend with while on the Main Deck, our wheelchair and guests using walkers can visit our exhibits located during tour operating hours. The Battleship IOWA is a floating museum ship. The steepness of the boarding gangways is dependent upon the ocean currents and waves, with higher tides providing a steep ramp incline while boarding. Accessing the museum at low or mid-tide conditions is much easier to negotiate when using an assisted device such as a walker, wheelchair or even a cane. An arrival planned around tidal conditions during operating hours is as simple as checking the San Pedro, Ca tide chart:
Battleship USS Iowa Museum
250 S Harbor Blvd, San Pedro
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