Kauai Hanapepe Scavenger Hunt: An Immersive Adventure in Quirky Town
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Embark on an extraordinary and immersive scavenger hunt adventure in Hanapepe town. Engage with locals, discover intriguing tales, and capture the essence of this quirky town.
Duration: 2 hours
Cancellation: 1 day learn more
  • 3857 Iona Rd - Get ready for the most epic scavenger hunt Kauai has ever seen! This ain’t your great great grandma’s stale old scavenger hunt - we’re bringing the adventure and seriously fun challenges that will transform your Hanapepe experience.\n\nOur hunt master Tara has conspired with the spirits of Taos to concoct a one-of-a-kind adventure that will unleash your inner explorer. \n\nThis adventure was made for fun lovers, creative types, and laughing adventurers of all kinds - couples, families, groups of friends. \n\nGet those investigative juices flowing as you hunt for answers to unique clues and collaborate with your teammates. Our challenges are designed to let your creativity shine while you experience Kauai in a whole new light.\n\nYou won’t just complete tasks; you’ll step into an interactive story that blends fantasy, culture and adventure. Let the Huntmaster Tara and the magic of Hawaii guide you on an expedition you’ll never forget!\n\nThe hunt is on - are you ready to take the ultimate challenge and curate an experience unlike any other?
What's Included
  • Creative missions for unique experiences
What's Not Included
  • Bring your Smart Phone with Whats App
  • good walking shoes
  • a big smile is your secret weapon!
Additional Information

Gear up for a fresh Hawaiian escapade in 2023! Step into the vibrant Hanapepe town, where thrill beckons you. Tara, your game show master of scavenger hunts, will orchestrate an unparalleled adventure.

Kickstart a remarkable quest with a twist! This isn’t your usual scavenger hunt; it’s an inventive and engrossing break from the common.
Release your investigative spirit as you navigate through the central Hanapepe. Interact with affable locals, uncover fascinating stories of this peculiar town & encapsulate its spirit in photographs, videos, and sound recordings.

Whether you’re a duo or a part of a substantial group, this game is made for all. Young or aged, explorer or artist, it’s tailored to enthrall and amuse all who love to explore and innovate.
Let your creativity flourish as you collaborate to decipher the tasks. It’s a collaborative initiative between you and your engaging host, Steamboat, and you, the participants, making the experience genuinely unique.
The hunt is in progress, and adventure is just around the corner!

  • I do not recommend this challenging game for solo travelers. No team mates can be provided for you.
  • No profanity allowed in team names photos or clues. This could cause a canceltion with no refund.
3857 Iona Rd
Iona Road
This event is hosted and curated on Whats App. We will do your prehunt powwow at the start point near the Swinging Bridge. Please note it is important for the flow of the game to get in touch on Whats App the day PRIOR to the game date for important pregame info.
Cancellation Policy

For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

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Nov 5, 2022
Surprising and fun - This was a surprising and fun introduction to the island. You can tell it’s designed and hosted by a tour guide and storyteller who had us doing creative photos and videos and searching for clues. Glad we did this on our second day on the island. It was conveniently near where we stayed at the Pono Kai. We found it on our own online. Concierge didn’t know about it. The kids had fun too.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Oct 7, 2022
Fun and Different Kauai Shore Excursion - Wow! What a fun and refreshing new shore excursion in Kauai! We love cruising and have been to Kauai before. We did Waimea Canyon last time. It was pretty for sure but a ton of time in the car.. I didnt want to do that with the kids this time and was trying to figure out a good alternative.. my cruise director didnt even have this in the activities list! I found it myself online on Viator! Maybe because its so new? The host said it was a brand new location and I think we were some of the first to do it, though she said she has hunts in other locations, one on the north shore on Hanalei. It was so different than any other shore excursion we have done. It was small and personal instead of large scale and impersonal. The kids had a great time being detectives on the hunt, being creative and getting fun clues with our phone and we even met some awesome locals we would never have talked to without the hunt. Great price, too.. less than any other shore excursion. I just wish this was offered at all the ports!
Review provided by Tripadvisor
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