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Greater London
Embark on an immersive treasure hunt adventure in the secret city of London. Solve riddles, uncover hidden gems, and explore the lesser-known side of this historic city. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!
Duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Cancellation: 1 day learn more
  • St. Paul’s Station (Stop SP) - A trail through the Square Mile, the original settlement of London formed by the Romans. Gather your team and get exploring; start near St Paul’s Cathedral and work your way East.

Discover a Roman Amphitheatre before reaching halfway where you can soak in the atmosphere of a cosy Inn built from…spoilers! Warm up and get refreshed before you head back out to conquer your quest.

Scurry onward through a Victorian market before descending into magical ruins. Complete the trail to uncover another top notch pub where you can kick back and relax.

Distance: 4.7 km
Avg Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours
Number of clues: 15

How it works:
Each clue, sent to your mobile phone, leads you to a new location within walking distance. Solve the clue and search for the answer, reply with the correct answer to unlock the next step. Hints are available if you need a helping hand and you can also receive messages if you’re lost.
Have a competitive streak? Your progress is timed and ranked on our leader board, time to challenge your friends!

–“As a born and bred Londoner this was a great day out walking well trodden streets but seeing new things.”
–“An amazing way to see the hidden treasures of London! “

What's Included
  • Interactive trail of riddles on your phone.
  • Solve clues to discover the path.
  • Explore the city and find hidden sights.
  • Option to use Telegram App or SMS.
What's Not Included
  • Alcoholic drinks (available to purchase at the pub/bar breaks)
  • Food and drinks (available to purchase at the pub/bar breaks)
  • Drinks (available to purchase at the pub/bar breaks)
Additional Information

Delve into historical landmarks and little-known peculiarities as you unravel puzzles and pursue your quest-like journey. Once your saga begins, you’ll solve enigmatic hints to discover a secret pathway to a locale within strolling distance. Decipher the hint and explore the surroundings to locate the answer. All using your mobile device.

–‘Really enjoyed the City of London trek. Stumbled upon a few spots we were unaware of and had an enjoyable lunch at one of the suggested pubs - so pleasant we overstayed and our time wasn’t that impressive! Will surely try another trail.’
–‘We had a fantastic time, uncovering some intriguing hidden wonders and generally ‘observing’ more than we usually do! Had no idea there was a Roman Amphitheatre in London!’
–‘Truly enjoyable day out unveiling hidden treasures of the City of London. Brilliant riddles, heaps of fun trying to solve them. Would absolutely recommend for anyone wanting to explore the less trodden paths of London.’

  • This experience requires a mobile phone, with some data or text messages available.
  • You will be sent a trail of clues that guide you around the city and add a playful touch to exploring.
  • We will not be there to physically guide you on this trail. If you get lost you can message “Lost” for a detailed route to the next clue. Send “hint” if you think you’re in the right location but aren’t sure where to find the clue answer!
  • You should be comfortable walking ~5km. Please wear appropriate clothing for walking, the weather and the time of year.
  • There are 2 optional pub breaks on this trail. Use these to get refreshments or skip if you’d like to carry on. We have no affiliation with these establishments.
  • Any further issues please contact us via Facebook messenger.
St. Paul's
After purchase you will receive a text message with instructions of how to setup the trail. Once you're setup you'll receive a location of where to start the trail. Any questions, just get in touch! Departure Point: St Pauls Underground Station, exit near Caffe Nero.
Cancellation Policy

For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

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Feb 27, 2024
Cracking starving. - Such a well conceived treasure hunt, one of the best I have done. It kept us busy for nearly three hours. The stops en route were perfect and it was great strolling around a part of the city I thought I knew well but learning new features and facts. I'll definitely use these oriole again.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Oct 1, 2023
A Fun Way to See the Sights! - A great way to see the city , learn history and do it at your own pace...built in breaks if you want them..clues were fun and made you think...but not so hard you wanted to give up or get frustrated. Several options in London to choose from based on your interests...their description is spot on in both timing and what to expect
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Sep 8, 2023
Challenging experience - Great experience. I was expecting something easy but it was challenging! Very happy about that :) Took more than 2.5 hours to complete
Review provided by Viator
Aug 22, 2023
Fun and awesome - Amazing time and fun hunting! Perfect clues and lots of interesting locations! Great experience if you dont like regular old boring tours!
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Aug 4, 2023
A great outdoor day out! - We decided to try out CityDays (formerly The Secret City) after being left with a day in London to explore. Other Tripadvisor reviews and the price convinced us to give it a go and we weren’t left disappointed! We chose ‘The City’ as we thought this adventure would be the best place to start to explore London. It was easy to set up and we both received the instructions to our phones via WhatsApp with no issues. The trail clues were, for us, the perfect level of difficulty. Any easier and there would have been no sense of achievement and the entire experience would have been over very quickly; equally any harder and I think we might have had to use more of our HINT or LOST options! The clever stops at pubs and galleries were very welcome and it was smart that stopping at these places didn’t affect your overall time - you simply message when you’re ready to move on and the timer starts again. It took us 3 hours to complete the entire trail - we didn’t rush and took photos along the way. I can confidently recommend this service to everyone and we’ll certainly be getting lost in another city soon!
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Jun 18, 2023
Great fun! - Excellent trail. Great way to see and learn about the city. Good fun working as a team to solve the clues!
Review provided by Viator
Jun 3, 2023
Best treasure hunt ever - Great way to explore the unknown London. So many hidden gems, well worth it. So many secret gardens, ruins, tranquil place to enjoy.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Apr 30, 2023
Good fun but really difficult. - The quiz was really hard we did not finish it as my phone battery died. So good tip take a battery pack. Some hints were helpful. Would do it again with more than two people!
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Jul 3, 2023
Dry and takes longer than advertised. - We were not able to complete in the time advertised. The facts given were written in a very dry manner and not especially interesting. We enjoyed it but I would not return to CityDays.
Review provided by Tripadvisor
Mar 30, 2024
Amaturistic planning - A lot of the streets were closed for planned construction, which the hunt should really account for. This really made the tour a bad experience.
Review provided by Viator
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