Gettysburg History Bus Tour: In-Depth Civil War Exploration
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Experience the Gettysburg History Bus Tour, an in-depth exploration of the pivotal Battle of Gettysburg. Join a knowledgeable guide and immerse yourself in the artifacts, cinematic perspectives, and actual battlefield settings that bring this historic event to life.
Duration: 9 hours
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  • Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center - Travel time to Gettysburg, Pa from the Washington, DC area is approximately one hour and a half. Upon arrival, you will visit the Gettysburg Museum of the American Civil War, see A Film, “A New Birth of Freedom”. and see Cyclorama, a 360 degree painting depicting Pickett’s charge.
  • Gettysburg Battlefield - Travelers will hop on and hop off at various sites along the actual Gettysburg Battlefield. This time is an approximate culmination of all subsequent stops listed below.
  • The Eternal Light Peace Memorial - This memorial, located on the hill where Maj.Gen. Robert E Rodes’ Confederates attacked from, threatening Union forces. 75 years later, 1800 Civil War veterans helped dedicate this memorial to “Peace Eternal in a Nation United”.
  • Oak Ridge - At this site, Union soldiers held stubbornly against Rodes’ advance. Eventually the Union line from here to McPherson Ridge would begin to crumble.
  • North Carolina Memorial - On this site, the Confederate army positioned itself on high ground along Seminary Ridge
  • Virginia Memorial - The large open field to the east of here is where the last Confederate assault of the battle known as “Pickett;s Charge”, occurred July 3rd.
  • Warfield Ridge - Lt. Gen. James Longstreet’s Confederate army’s assault’s began here, directed at the Union troops occupying Devil’s Den, the Wheatfield and Peach Orchard and against General Meade’s undefended left flank at the Round Tops.
  • Little Round Top - As a result of quick action by Brig. Gen Warren, Gen. Meade’s chief engineer, Union officers were alerted to the Confederate threat and Federal reinforcements were brought here to defend the position
  • The Wheatfield - As a result of charges and countercharges, this field and nearby woods was strewn with over 4,000 dead and wounded
  • The Peach Orchard - The Union line extended from Devil’s Den to this point here, then angled northward on Emmittsburg Road. From here, Federal cannon bombarded Southern forces crossing the Rose Farm toward the Wheatfield. By that early evening, Confederate attacks overran the position.
  • Plum Run - Union soldiers crossed this ground on their way from the Peach Orchard to Cemetery Ridge to retreat as fighting raged to the south at the Wheatfield and Little Round Top
  • State of Pennsylvania Monument - This is the point where Union artillery held the line here on Cemetery Ridge as General Meade called on more support to strengthen and hold the center of the Union position.
  • Spangler’s Spring - After having attacked the right flank of the Union army and occupying the lower slopes of Culp’s Hill, the next morning the Confederates were driven off after 7 hours of fighting
  • East Cemetery Hill - Union forces here repelled a Confederate assault that reached the crest of this hill
  • High Water Mark of the Rebellion Monument - Site of the most climatic moment of the battle on July 4th. after a 2 hour cannonade, some 7,000 union soldiers repulsed the bulk of the 12,000 man “Picket’s Charge” causing General Lee’s army to begin retreating
  • Gettysburg National Cemetery - The setting for Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. It was delivered at the cemetery’s dedication on November 19, 1863
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  • Step off guide included
  • Private transportation provided
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Allow us to chauffeur you in a high-end vehicle to a significant event of the Civil War. Accompanied by a Battlefield guide who will present an detailed tale of the impactful three days in July 1863. This journey provides a thorough account of Gettysburg battle’s happenings, showcasing relics, cinematic viewpoints, and the actual field of battle settings, guided by a certified battlefield professional. The Battle of Gettysburg, fought within the period of Civil War in July 1863, stands as a critical juncture in America’s history, shaping the nation for future generations. Considered as one of the most gruesome battles in the American history, it saw the Union Army, commanded by General George Meade, overpowering the Confederate Army, headed by General Robert E. Lee, over three days of intense combat. The battle led to over 50,000 casualties and is remembered as a key moment in America’s history.

Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center
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