Quad-Core: Smash Room Experience for 4
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Gather your friends for a cathartic and exhilarating smash room experience, where you can unleash your fury, shatter a variety of items, and liberate pent-up stress within a secure and enjoyable environment

Cancellation: 1 day learn more
  • Relieve yourself of stress and have a blast with this unique smash room experience!
  • Bring your friends and armour up as you head into a room where you can smash anything you like!
  • Choose your own music and let loose on a variety of different smashable items
  • Leave feeling energized and de-stressed, and let us clean up the mess!
What's Included
  • Cool and welcoming environment
  • Great selection of smashables
  • Amazing selection of add-ons to smash
  • Awesome armoury weapons
  • Super friendly staff
  • Complimentary water after session
  • Free parking
Additional Information
  • This activity is for up to 4 participants.
  • Smash room will include: 20 Small items (cups, glass, small plate, cassette), 16 medium Items (VHS Tape, vase, large plate, large bowl) and 8 Electronics (TV box, VCR, DVD players, stereo, speaker, fan).
  • Persons under the age of 12 may not participate.
  • Persons from 12-16 years of age may participate with the signed waiver consent of a legal parent or guardian and with their parent/guardian present during the event.
  • Any person aged 17-18 may participate without a parent or Guardian present, but their Parent or Guardian must sign the waiver prior to the commencement of the event.
889 Lady Ellen Pl, Ottawa, ON K1Z 7S8, Canada
Cancellation Policy

We do not offer refunds for no-shows or cancellations. However, for up to 3 months from your original booking date, you may reschedule your appointment. Due to the preparation needed to ensure you have the best experience possible, we ask that you reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours before the beginning of your appointment, should the need arise.

(406 Ratings)
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Dec 30, 2023
We booked for 4 and the package was to come with 5 medium to large items and one extra large item and it did not. The woman running although very nice said they ran out of stuff. My kids had very little to break. I was not offered a credit or any type of discount for the missing items instead it was implied we just deal with it. I gave this place 5 stars last year but we were disappointed this year.
Review provided by Peek Pro
Jan 1, 2024
*DO NOT RECOMMEND* I had gone before and got a smaller package and had an amazing time. I convinced my co worker this would be a fun outing for our Christmas get together and we bought a bigger package as we were coming in from South Glengarry (about an hour and 15 min drive to Ottawa for us) when we got in the room there was only a small bin with maybe 20 small glass items which I found odd as the package I got was the quad core which was supposed to include 34 glass with 5 med to large items and a bonus extra large item. We smashed the bin that was in there and I then went out to ask the attendant about our other items to which she told us “it’s a bad time of year and we don’t have much more to offer you” I did show her the email confirmation with the package I paid for and what it included and she confirmed that’s what they had us down for but again they didn’t have other items to offer us. I was accepting of this and mentioned some form of compensation or refund to where she walked around and gave us 2 more small glass vases to smash which I was not impressed by when a partial refund would have been more appropriate but again the idea of this was not entertained nor was the attendant interested in even discussing this any further (we were completely dismissed when this was brought up again-sorry and a shoulder shrug). We left and as we got to the truck I see we were there for less then 14 minutes (keep in mind this included the time it took to sign the waivers and suit up on top of me having to address/discuss the missing items) so realistically we were prob in the room for closer to 8-10 min. Again when I went before we were provided with the items paid for and had a great time. This time was a terrible experience and turns out I paid $7.14 per minute after driving a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes to attend this on top of the embarrassment of hyping this place up to my coworker. Luckily Ottawa has plenty to offer and we were able to find something else to do but I’ll tell you… this was a very expensive lesson learned that if you go here you certainly don’t get what you pay for. Thanks for the 20 items and 8-10 minutes of fun… the attendants lack of communication mixed with the attitude were a really nice touch 👌
Review provided by Peek Pro
Dec 23, 2023
We showed up for our pre-booked/prepaid for reservation only to find the building locked and nobody answering the phones. I'm very upset that my daughter's birthday was ruined because of this.
Review provided by Peek Pro
Dec 11, 2023
No response to phone calls and emails. Arrived and the place is a mess, no parking available and debris all over all floors, not just in the smash rooms.
Review provided by Peek Pro
Dec 8, 2023
Quad core, over 100 dollars for 4 people and such a tiny, basic basket of items that I stayed aside and let the three teenagers have fun for 4 minutes.
Review provided by Peek Pro
Dec 4, 2023
Not worth the money, the place is a dump
Review provided by Peek Pro
Dec 4, 2023
What a disappointment. The place does not look like the pictures on the website, it’s so trashy. I could grab stuff from a junk yard for free and smash it pretty much sums it up.
Review provided by Peek Pro
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