Spirit Snatcher: A Haunting Escape Room Challenge
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Unleash your inner detective in the heart of New Orleans, solve cryptic clues, and escape a haunted antique shop before your soul is forever trapped

No refunds for canceled bookings
  • Embark on a thrilling quest to escape a haunted antique shop, where every tick of the clock brings you closer to becoming a permanent part of its eerie collection
  • Experience the spine-chilling allure of New Orleans post-Mardi Gras, where the line between the mystical and the mundane blurs as you uncover the shop’s sinister secrets
  • Test your resolve and wit in this adrenaline-fueled adventure, where your survival hinges on solving cryptic puzzles under the looming threat of an hourglass running out of sand
Additional Information
  • Experience includes a 10-minute briefing before starting.
  • Children 14 and under need adult accompaniment. No entry for children under 8.
4640 Broadway
We are located in Tilghman Square Shopping Center.
Cancellation Policy

Tickets are non-refundable.

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(330 Ratings)
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Apr 20, 2024
Plenty of puzzles for our group of 8 to work on simultaneously. Great atmosphere in the room. Loved our staff person.
Review provided by Peek Pro
Mar 10, 2024
Both locations are very well maintained and put together. The rooms our group did were fun and challenging.
Review provided by Peek Pro
Feb 25, 2024
The room was themed well the puzzles were not to easy but not too difficult and the staff was friendly
Review provided by Peek Pro
Feb 16, 2024
Room was fun, staff was great, room monitor was super great as well!!! Always a fun time.
Review provided by Peek Pro
Feb 15, 2024
My family had a great time in this room. It was interesting, challenging, and so much fun! We have completed five Captured LV rooms and I would highly recommend this place. The rooms are really cool and the service is always great.
Review provided by Peek Pro
Dec 29, 2023
This room was challenging and fun! It was a great group activity for our family!
Review provided by Peek Pro
Dec 29, 2023
We had so much fun! The facility was well-maintained and very clean. The staff were helpful and professional. The design of the room was challenging and the clues were well thought out and very creative! Thank you for providing a wonderful experience! We will be back!
Review provided by Peek Pro
Dec 28, 2023
Soul Collector was challenging and a lot of fun. Our large group was busy the entire time working together. We had a blast and escaped with 14:07 minutes to spare. We will definitely be back for the 2 rooms we haven’t tried yet.
Review provided by Peek Pro
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