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    Historical Sites & Monuments in Washington DC

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    Tour was good, and tour guide clearly very knowledgable. However, he seemed to want to tell us everything he knew! Tour did not start on time; not sure if this was because we were waiting for something or because he kept talking and talking. Much of what he had to say was informative and appreciated, but could have been cut in half in order to move the tour along. Once or twice I felt he was purposely keeping us on the bus to talk, when we could have been out looking around. What was advertised as 2.5 hour tour turned into 3.5 hours + did not start on time - hard on the babysitters.
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    Super, Super Tour Guide - "The Professor" We covered lots of ground, the stops were well planned and welcome, and we learned a lot. This is an excellent way to see DC in what I can only describe as "majestic"

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