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    We wanted to give you some detailed feedback of our experience on 12-13th May tour and overnight stay. Firstly the quality of the cave and set up of it was excellent including beds and facilities. Jonny was a fantastic welcome and he stayed with us for the first two hours of the tour. We found him informative, funny and engaging. A great guide! Unfortunately once we reached part way up the mountain He continued with day tour whereas we continued for the remained of the trip with the three non legislators speaking guides. Unfortunately from this point on the experience was different, we were given no instruction on timings or plans, no conversation. The male guide took us to the pools, we were at the front of the group but this guide didn’t even stop for the people at the back. We had to ask him too wait for them. At the pools he gave no guidance. He just arrived and stopped. We arrived back from the pools at 3.30pm and were given no detailed about if we would be doing anything else that day. We then asked and were told we weren’t. The guides made us dinner and engaged in chatty conversation with the locals on the tour all night. They made food for them before dinner. Which was not shared with the non locals such as us, until one of the local realised this and gave us what was left. When dinner was finally ready the guides whistled to the English speaker to tell them it was ready. They said nothing to us. We all went to bed shortly after dinner. The guides hadn’t spoken to us all day. When we got up they prepared breakfast which was lovely but again no conversation. We had to ask what the plan was - then we self guided ourselves to the waterfall and back down the mountain as the timings would have meant a significant amount of time waiting in the cave (we had already been there from 3.30pm to 8.30am!). Once we got down the mountain. Friendly Jonny was there and again was very chatty and welcoming. We don’t feel the other guides didn’t speak at all to us because we were English as another local couple also received no communication. Overall we found the experience very unique and memorable, however of course if we had guides who engaged with us or even just explained simple things such as timings and made us feel welcome the experience could of been vastly improved. I hope you find this feedback helpful. Gabi and Melodie
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