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    Because the cats are very cute and I'm happy that they are being taken care of
    High quality place - you can tell the employees are truly passionate about Big Cat Rescue, and what they do should be duplicated around the country. I loved seeing the big cats in good homes, the walking tour was well organized, and I liked the extra feature of hearing about the different cats' stories. Five stars
    Loved the volunteer. Love the "practice tips" for people who have house cats. Great organization! Thank you for all you do.
    Our guide was super-knowledgable, the recorded stories of the cats were incredible (and heartbreaking), and I felt that the utmost respect and care was being given to all the cats. And we had a chance to meet some beautiful tigers, bobcats, servals, and many more.
    I was dismayed with the lack of space for the cats. The recreational or vacation areas are nice, but I would like to see that amount of space for all the individual cats all the time. My heart broke when I watched the large cats pacing in their restricted areas. I get it that there are practical space limits and the current allocation is better than cages and far exceeds minimum state and federal standards. Still, I wonder if it might be better to focus fund raising on a new venue with hundreds of acres. The enthusiasm and commitment of volunteers and staff is nice to see.

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