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    It was very cool hearing the stories and history. Makes us want to learn more. Can't wait to try the ghost hunt.
    December 31, 2016 | Ghost Tour of Downtown Tacoma
    Great, knowledgable guides and interesting stories.
    First of all, we had a lot of fun, found the information interesting and will for sure be back! That being said, there were some areas of opportunity in my opinion. I thought some of the banter between the guides about whether it was true or not was funny but there was way too much. As someone who isn't really sure what they believe about the supernatural, I enjoy these tours most when the guide believes in and adds their own air of mystery. I also feel like you could make a blanket statement at the beginning about all the events being "alleged" "unproven facts", rather than saying allegedly a thousand times. One other thing would be to not combine the drinking tour with the not drinking tour. Don't get me wrong- drinking tours are fun, but it's not fun to be the sober group with people who are on a whole other level. :) Like I said- I will be back for sure and I would love to see you guys flourish! Thank you for doing this in Tacoma!
    The guide had a deep knowledge and Tacoma's history, it was very clear he had done a ton of research to get this tour off the group. The information, though historical, was presented in a very conversational and entertaining way. I also enjoyed the visual aspects of the tour via various multimedia devices like the tablet and the VR headset. Seeing actual photographs of the people you are hearing about really helps you visualize the story you are hearing. Great job. A+ Recommending to all my friends.
    We thoroughly enjoyed our educational, yet gritty, Ghost Tour.The guides created an interactive environment and presented us with a cohesive narrative of Tacoma's unknown past. They were well versed in the lore, challenged us with their own final theories, and made sure there was never a lull between landmarks. It would have been nice to hear from both of the guides, but appreciate the perspective that we gained from Chris.

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