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    Food Tours in Seattle

    Maya was an awesome guide!!! My entire family thoroughly enjoyed the evening!!
    Great guide. Great dumplings. Food is such a great gateway to learning about the neighborhood. My only critique would be that I really had to strain to hear the guide when we were inside. I think maybe he was speaking softly to respect other diners, but I only caught maybe every third word when we were inside.
    I liked the tour but could not hear the guide because of traffic and the size of our group and the way he moved his head around. He had very interesting information though. I also though the price too high. Twenty five dollars each would be better, A suggestion would be to give most of the information in the theater Before the tour.
    Our tour guide was terrific - he is definitely a foodie. We will be back for future tours and have mentioned the dumpling tour to quite a few people already.
    Rahul our tour leader was fantastic. Obviously he is very passionate about the community, food and history. We will definitely be signing up for another tour thanks to him.

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