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    Dining Experiences in Seattle

    Very fun, interesting information about the food and the restaurants. Great guide and great guests! Would do it again in an instant.
    Rahul was a perfect guide. Congenial, engaging, and a good level of knowledge about the ID.
    Rahul was a fantastic docent and storyteller. He took us on a compelling journey through history and cuisines. Each time I go on one of these tours I learn more about the neighborhood and history. Bravo Rahul!
    The food was good. Very good experience overall!
    Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and kept in touch with all of us. I believe her name was Janatana (?) She said they chose dishes that we may not choose. And, that is true, but it gave us a better perspective on the food available. I liked the handout on the names of restaurants and the gift of a bowl.

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