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    Brewery Tour in Savannah

    The stories behind each location we stopped at were interesting but could have done with less jokes.
    He did a great job with giving information yet adding humor. Also, he was very kind in making sure I got back to my car safely since I was walking back alone.
    I was looking for something a little more exciting like walking through a known haunting site not looking at one.
    Sometimes it was difficult to hear what was being said. Some issues were due to back ground noise. Other issues had to do with low volume. Pictures were difficult to see. Content was good and entertaining.
    I love Savannah. I love Historic Savannah. I love Haunted Savannah. I love ghost tours. I did not appreciate your comment about us visiting my "Haunted Backside" during our recent ghost tour with you. Felt it was inappropriate, especially since I was on the tour with my 22 year old daughter. I appreciate your theatrical approach to these tours but did not appreciate your humor at my expense. Have been told I am extremely attractive. Graduate of Notre Dame. Not stupid. Blond. 57 but look 42. Extensive stock portfolio. Was very subdued during this tour. A moment of "extremely poor judgement". Understand humor is what get's your tips but your comment to me was totally inappropriate. Learn to read your guest's better and for god sake update your "portfolio" of pictures. That notebook you carry is a joke.