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The walk was pleasant. The guide was knowledgeable and shared his experiences as a native of Savannah with some fun aspects of the hauntings. He took in stride the little know haunting of Leopold's Ice Cream, a freshman of SCAD, transplanted from NYC, Muffy Berkowitz, who after getting a miserable review on her final paper in Drama went to drown her sorrows with rocky road, only to find them out. Despondent and not really paying attention she walked into the path of a horse drawn carriage and was trampled to death...to this day, it is said, if you listen closely, you can hear the faint scratching of her nails on the left hand window of Leopold's and the plaintiff whisper "Rocky.....Rocky....Rocky" We did not care for the stop off at the Pub, where the bartender in a not so crowded bar (we were first in) ignored us (I haven't been ignored in a pub that way since my unit walked into the Black Rose on a Sunday wearing British DPM). We do not hold your tour responsible for that...All in all an evening well spent.
April 4, 2019 | Ghost Tour In Savannah
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