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    Wineries & Wine Tastings in San Francisco

    The driver was about 15 minutes later picking me up than my scheduled pick-up time ... and we got back later than expected at the end of the day, but that was fine with me because I didn't have any other plans the rest of the day. It didn't feel like he was pushing us along, so that was really nice. He allowed us to to get the full experience even though it took us a little longer to get going due to extenuating circumstances of multiple pick-ups, etc. It was nice seeing some small wineries and driving by all the beautiful vineyards. I feel like I learned so much about wine from the winery staff. The driver did well in making sure our group was introduced to each other since there were four different parties between the 12 of us, including two parties from out of the country. Plus, he was a wealth of information as we drove along. It was a very fun afternoon and gave me an opportunity to do some sightseeing with some other people since I was on my own. And the half day was perfect since that was all the time I had to fit in with a work conference. I got some beautiful pictures as it was a gorgeous day! Very nice memories.
    Half day tour was perfect - Bill our driver was a big part of the positive experience, he was very knowledgeable and passionate. My husband and I really enjoyed the half day it was more than enough time.
    This was a great day, helped by the commentary from Ken. The time spent at each winery was fine and both were enjoyable. Just one point, as a passenger I would suggest that your drivers be given water bottles with built in straws, to save the driver from the distraction of removing and replacing a screw lid whilst driving. ( this was a very hot day and it was completely understandable that Ken would require fluid) Thanks
    Not the most personal vineyards but out driver Bill was an excellent guide for the day!

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