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    Chinatown Walking Tour

    Patches embodies the spirit of Castro--sharp, funny, unique, and gay! My wife and I discovered we're "Allies" of the community and proud to be... We'll help promote WSF whenever we can...
    Both the Castro tour and the Mission tours were conducted with energy and enthusiasm by very knowledgeable guides. My wife Julie and I were engaged and learned a lot about these two areas of the city as well as getting a better feel and appreciation for all of San Francisco. Wes and Maz obviously love the city, the culture and enjoy sharing it.
    What a fun, funny, and informative morning & afternoon exploring the histories of the Castro & Mission Districts.
    Mission you was great. Castro was great because DW was so nice, but the content was lacking, and DW needs to speak up a bit, she sometimes eats her words, giggles into her words, or trails off altogether. IT seemed like nervousness maybe. The content seemed to be a history of LGTBQ-lite in general and little history about the neighborhood in particular. In a two hour tour, I feel I learned very little. Is it possible to give a little more history about the actual neighborhood - some other characters that lived there other than Harvey Milk. It seemed kinda like the official hollywood 'Milk' tour. I feel like most of the people on the tour knew pretty much everything that was said already. I think the tour needs some more finessing and a little more general and specific content to beef it up. My partner who is English as a second language, but who understands english well, and often goes on walking tours say he understood about 20 per cent of what was said. I got about 60 per cent. I interrupted a few times for repetitions, but you can't do that the whole time. I think speaking clearly and confidently and always while facing the crowd would do wonders for improving the tour. But I don't mean to hate on DW, she is so lovely, and obviously very passionate about what she is doing. Just some thoughts for improvement!
    Our family really enjoyed the Chinatown tour, while the Downtown tour was downright boring for us. Not at all what we expected. especially not after having watched the video you sent about Wild SF tours. It just seemed a "normal" tour we would never have booked had we known how it is. No specials, would definitely not recomend. Mina does speak well, it's not so much avout her, but the overall tour/info given/setting/standing around in wind channels didn't meet our expectations. I also didn't like that it turned out we could have booked only the Chinatown tour, as some people joined us only in the afternoon. This should be clearer on the internet page. Chnatown was fun, interctive, music, interesting, different. Thanks for that.

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