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    I'm glad I had a group on discount. If I had paid full price for what I could see was a small track with little challenge I'd been upset. Plus the lady that worked there was more interested in tell people how to manage their babies instead of paying attention to the list of drivers. What worked for her as a mom might not work for someone else. I watched her intrude on at least three families and their babies. Boyfriend enjoyed the cars but the track was short. One guy taught him how to work the car and turn the other guy didn't teach him anything. He'd wished he had the second guy on his first car.
    The course isn't long enough.
    Disappointed I could split my 6 laps over 2 cars. My daughter did the other 6. I'm interested in doing other events.
    Need to organize a bit better so waiting period is alleviated.
    I was extremely satisfied with the cars and with my co-driver. Very nice guy with tons of knowledge. The only thing which was not absolutely 100% is the track(way to short). Once you drive such an amazing cars you feel like you want to go little bit further, and feel the power and speed little more. Other then that fantastic experience !!! Thank you guys

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