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    Tandem Skydive in Oceanside

    Experience was a lot of fun. Had a bit of an issue with first ride paid for 6 laps but after reviewing the video my family took I only got 5 laps. I noticed the instructor starts the clicker at 1 and clicks to 2 after your first lap. It should start at 0 and hit 1 at the end of lap one not the beginning. Anyway the next ride when I chose a different car I received an extra lap so that helped make up for my first experience
    Knocked it off my bucket list. I recommend it only if you use the Groupon price. I think the regular price is excessive because it's 5 short laps. You don't reach excessive speeds (max70-90). It's over quickly.
    Experience was very good. Laps go by really quick so to purchase additional laps is as must. A little pricey but a good experience..
    Wish I had more driving time It went by to fast but otherwise it was a great time. I enjoyed the driving instructor it was a great choice of cars
    Awesome experience very friendly staff !! Great cars and course !!

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