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    The car was a little old, but still acceptable. The tires were shot and as I drove the course the wheels never stopped screaching except on the straight-aways. It was fun to do once but nearly the thrill of driving real race cars on a real track. Thought the track would be bigger to allow more skill to be employed. I would recommend to someone that is very novice or for someone to do once. People were nice at the track as well.
    Driving the Ferrari 360 was amazing! Unbelievable power. My driving coach was really cool. My only objection was the straight aways were too short. Overall it was very fun! Watching the upgraded vehicles made me wish I had spent the extra money. If you are only going to do this once, you might as well go for the gusto! From my observation, the Lambo looked super fast, but the Porsche seemed to hold the road the best.
    My only complaint about this experience was the check in process. There was 4 people at a table and only one person was doing anything the other seemed to just be there to sell you extras to your experience. The check in was simply show your driver license and sign a waiver yet it took me an hour to check in despite have only one person in front of me .
    It was very fun, but I wish the straight aways were a little longer so we could confidently pick up more speed.
    I had a blast, but nothing is perfect. For the price a larger course should be provided. With that said I would book through this company again and/or recommend to a friend.

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