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    Nature & Wildlife in San Diego

    This was a great tour, A gift to my keen photographer sister who was assisted with advice through her photography. The walk through the slot canyon was really interesting and Aaron's knowledge of the plant life certainly satisfied my interests. Highly recommended!
    This was an area we could never have visited on our own, and we saw amazing sites, climbed to an area of wind caves with endless photographic possibilities, and enjoyed it all immensely. Great guide and very useful suggestions for where to go.
    I loved the diversity of the adventure from the slot canyon to the Indian sites and everything in between. It went at my pace.
    Very timely, really spent quality time teaching my son about the camera and how best to shoot the scenes. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and look forward to going out again soon.
    Aaron is a true professional. He taught me a great deal about night sky photography and photography in general. He asked what I was interested in shooting and tailored the experience around that. He also spent a good deal of time with me even beyond the time limit. I was very pleased and excited about what I learned. Definitely recommend this to anyone interested in night sky shooting or photography in general. Josh Galicki Washington, DC.

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