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    Horseback Riding in San Diego

    Thank you so much for helping me to make my wife's birthday very special, she loves horses and wine and we definitely got a lot more... the instructors were wonderful and professional we felt safe and comfortable and they succeeded to show us their unique lifestyle with modesty and we still had moments of privacy ( good balance). great experience, celebration of life, love, nature, animals healing and good wine what can you ask for more
    This was an awesome experience! I had a great time with my friends and TJ was a great guide. It was a little awkward that Santi proceeded to get a little buzz while on the job. If he were a client, then by all means, drink it up. But while employed or volunteering and "on the clock", a little innapropriate. When it was all said and done, I would absolutely recommend this company to my friends and actually already have. You have a great thing going here. Keep it up! :)
    Vindella was extremely gracious and helpful. However the amount of time spent on the trail was limited. From my perspective could have been longer ride on a more aggressive trial. But again this is just my perspective. My wife had a great time and that was the important part.
    Our guide and the horses were fantastic. Much of the ride was through a neighborhood so I was disappointed we didn't spend more time on the trails in the region's beautiful countryside. The view at the turn around was gorgeous though. Also, the included wine tasting for two wasn't what I expected - we received a buy one get one wine tasting free voucher instead. The winery was small, under construction/expansion but the wines were good as were the employees we interacted with.
    I had such a nice ride out in the country. I was met by a nice young lady who checked me in and gave me a helmet to wear. She introduced me to my horse, Whiskey, and let me have some carrots to feed to the horses. they have about 18 horses on the ranch. Then Susie, the owner, came in from a ride with another group. We went out and my horse was great. We rode for 1 1/2 hours and just talked the whole way. I would recommend Susie's place if you enjoy riding horses.

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