Resin Cheese Board Woodworking Class in Denver

  • 49 Ratings

Get set for a woodworking class where you learn how to make a resin cheese board. Walk around the shop to get acquainted with the tools and safety features before getting started.

Duration: 3 hours
Cancellation: No refunds for cancelled bookings.

What You Will Do

  • Learn all about the ins and outs of resin in an introductory woodworking class
  • Discover how to set up the project, add color or objects to the resin, and how to make a glass like finish
  • Turn your wood-working ideas into reality with technical advice from experts
  • Get help with both design and construction in this welcoming environment perfect for beginners

What's Included

  • Guided workshop

Customer Reviews

  • 49 Ratings

  • Megan

The resin cheese board class was so fun and informative! We were happy to hear that it’s an open shop, so we can come in and make awesome woodworks any day of the week, outside of the classes. We will definitely be back!

November 13, 2018

  • Cathy

So much fun. Super cool shop run by an amazing couple. Can't wait to take another class!

October 30, 2018

  • Jennifer

First, let me say, the end product was pretty darn cool and worth much of the frustration that I am about to express. However, there are a number of points of constructive criticism that I have. First, the price was listed as $95 x 2 people = subtotal of $190, plus taxes & fees which was listed as $11.40, bringing the total to $201.40 by my math. However, the subtotal I received on my receipt was $204.53 plus $11.40 tax with a grand total of $215.94. Or was that $11.40 tax per person; and if so, since when did the tax rate exceed 10%? Also, last time I added 3+0, it did not equal 4. But, whatever. We paid it and didn't ask questions. Next, the description for the class in no way, shape or form informs the customer that they are signing up for a multiple day project and that the first "class" is simply the first of what will become at least 4 - 5 visits to complete the project. For those of us driving from far away, it would have been nice to know what we were actually getting ourselves into...that resin is not a single afternoon process. It will actually require numerous hour long visits to pour layers of resin and a couple hours' visit to plane, sand, and glaze, then one last hour long visit to see the cheeseboard to its final completion. A rather long process all in all, and it just would have been nice to know this in advance so we could have planned it at a better time. The structure of the "class", if you can even call it that, was non-existent. This was a very unguided, haphazard, disorganized mess of a class that was more like the blind leading the blind with one of us finding out what to do and that person telling the other person/people. There were 3 or maybe 5 of us, not really sure as we were scattered around wherever we would fit between other people working on their projects. None of the employees introduced themselves, we were apparently just supposed to know who works there & who is there working on their own project. Francis showed us a pile of wood, told to pick our pieces, and from there, it was really up to each of us to seek out an available employee to guide us as to what the next step was. Questions that I am pretty certain I was not the only one asking: How are we supposed to know what saw (chop saw, band saw, etc) to use for what purpose when we're not familiar with these that not part of why I am paying to take this class? Now I'm standing here with my wood, what next? And now that my resin is at 88 degrees and I've poured it, now what? And the next visit, we would get our projects out and have to go find someone to tell us the next step but there was very little guidance or actual instruction through the whole process. Thankfully, other patrons were helpful as well as far as guidance and instruction; and maybe that's the idea...let the community teach the community? I'm not quite sure. Monica definitely gets an A+ though for being helpful and doing a great job of showing us how to do things and telling us the next step. I was grateful she was there every time we were in and seemed happy to help when we would ask. All in all, a good, but not great experience. I really would give 3 stars for service, but the end result is so cool, I had to give it 4. Correct math, a little more transparency/disclosure about the time commitment, and a more structured class format would definitely bring up your star score.

July 18, 2018
617 22nd St, Denver, CO 80205, USA
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