You’ll Love These Unique Campground Traditions

There’s a reason camping trips become family traditions: It’s the bonding that occurs from being away from the daily grind. It’s the people you meet. It’s the memories formed that will last a lifetime. And these all come about through one thing: the unique traditions and activities campgrounds organize for their guests.

Campground owners are constantly discovering new ways to inject thrill and excitement into traditional campground activities to make camping trips more exciting than ever. Here are ten unique campground traditions and activities.

Camp Towanda in Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Health and nutrition are two pillars upon which Camp Towanda has built itself. And the campground’s owners found a perfect way to blend that philosophy into a memory-making tradition: Watermelon League, an annual summertime event in which campers compete for prizes in a watermelon eating contest. It not only encourages campers to make healthy eating choices (one of the camp’s core goals) but also creates lasting memories for competitors.

Health and nutrition are two pillars upon which Camp Towanda has built itself.

Campgrounded, which has locations in CA, NC, NY, and TX

One way to bring campers together: team spirit. And Color Wars, a traditional camp activity that divides campers into different teams, is the perfect game to facilitate that spirit. In Campgrounded’s Color Wars, there are four teams: red, yellow, green, and blue. Players from each team show off their skills in an array of creative activities like relay races, capture the flag, scavenger hunts, trivia, egg roulette, frozen t-shirts, and more.

KOA Meadville in Meadville, Pennsylvania

The Brookdale Family Campground bases its big event around the campground’s lake. The Duct Tape & Cardboard Boat Regatta, a Brookdale staple since it was invited to join Kampgrounds of America (KOA) in 2011, is a wacky, fun-filled event in which campers assemble boats made of cardboard and duct tape and race across Wagon Lake—all for different prizes.

Buttonwood Campground in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Buttonwood Camp holds an “Everything Chocolate Weekend” complete with chocolate sundaes, nighttime chocolate candy hunt, and a chocolate pudding slippery slide. They sure do know how to have fun—all while appealing to your taste buds and appetite.

River’s End Campground & RV Park in Tybee Island, Georgia

Every year, River’s End Campground morphs into Pirates of the Caribbean-mode during its Tybee Island Pirate Fest. The event lasts a whole weekend and includes a pirate costume contest, treasure hunt, parade, fireworks, and more. Sounds like a great time the whole family can enjoy.

Point Cabins & Camping in New Castle, Pennsylvania

This May, Rose Point Cabins will hosts its 4th Annual Cornhole Tournament. Cornhole is a favorite game at campgrounds across the country. For those unfamiliar, cornhole is an American pastime game, in which players toss bean bags aimed at two cornhole boards that sits approximately 30 feet apart. The player to reach 21 points first wins.

Rockbrook Camp in Brevard, North Carolina

Arts and crafts are a campground favorite. Rockbrook Camp lets campers show off their artistic abilities with tie-dye and other arts and craft activities, while also creating mementos and keepsake memorabilia. Your arts and crafts events can be coupled with a talent show, costume event, and other unique event ideas.

Digital Detox (by Campgrounded) in Anderson Valley, California

“Calling all urbanites. Stash away your cell phones and tablets upon arrival and reconnect with your inner child.” These are the rules at The Digital Detox Camp, a campground where adults go to unplug from the everyday stresses of city life. Follow their lead and create your own digital free zone—even if it’s zoned to a small designated area, or just for a day or weekend.

Each year for Father’s Day weekend, Indian Trails has its annual Hawaiian-themed Pig Roast weekend. The campground’s owners put together a series of activities for kids and their families to enjoy such as a pig roast, arts and crafts for kids to create gifts for dad, a bean bag tournament, and close out the weekend with free coffee and snacks for dads.

These are only a few ways that campground owners are organizing festive events for campers. As an owner, you may want to borrow from any one of these event ideas—but be creative and put your own spin things. Host activities in honor of a holiday or create an event and make it an annual occasion. Camping is supposed to be fun. So, be quirky, wacky, and just plain weird to make your events memorable and your campground a legacy in the lives of the families you host.

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