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About Wheel Fun Rentals

For more than 25 years, Wheel Fun Rentals has provided customers with a set of wheels to ride on guided and self-guided tours. The business started with bicycle rentals in Southern California, and has expanded to 96 locations in 15 states. They’ve also expanded from bikes to kayaks, pedal boats, stand-up paddleboards and more, including guided Segway tours in five cities across the country. Their customers go on scenic rides, with the company’s stated goal of having every visitor leave with a cherished memory.

The Problem

Wheel Fun Rentals’ first foray into online booking for their guided Segway tours wasn’t quite what they had hoped for. “The system we first used was a bit cumbersome on the back end, and wasn’t very mobile friendly on the front end,” said Sheena Walenta, the company’s National Marketing Director. “About 10% of our bookings were coming in online, but we wanted a partner who could do better than that.”

They also felt an online booking partner could help improve the customer experience—which they hoped would lead to a stronger conversion rate. “We were looking for a way to provide a more seamless experience for our customers, from beginning to end,” she said.

In addition, there was some back-end improvement to be done. “We had an in-house calendar that was very cumbersome, and wasn’t very helpful,” she said.”

The Solution

After researching additional online booking systems for their Segway tours, the company decided on Peek Pro—and the positive results started coming in right away. “The calendar is very easy to use, and scheduling is simple now compared to what we were doing before,” Walenta said. “The resource management functionality is also great. The streamlined processes save us at least 3 hours of manual work every day.”

The automated workflows help a lot, though Walenta is even more excited by the increases the business has seen. “Peek Pro works so much better” Walenta said. “It integrated easily with our website, and our online bookings have gone up by 34%. It’s definitely helped drive more sales—which is also helped by Peek’s low commissions.”

According to Walenta, the company’s conversions also saw a bump after they started using Peek Pro, which was right in line with their expectations. “We’ve been tracking our conversion rates in Google Analytics, and we’re extremely happy with what we see.”

Walenta added that the Wheel Fun Rental team loves reaching out to Peek’s Partner Support staff when they have questions about more they can do with Peek Pro. “We’re so glad they’re there,” Walenta said. “They’re available when we need them most, and they’re super helpful every time.”

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